Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There goes THAT trend....

So, I bought an owl necklace on Saturday.  It's super cute, perfectly sized, blingy and fun.

This can only mean one or two things:
1. I'm finally cool.

or more likely

2. Looks like THAT trend is going out of style..... effective immediately.

Why the pessimism Allyson? You ask.

Well, let's just get one thing straight here....I am NOT what one would call a fashionista.  Furthest thing from it actually.  I mean, I'm not a fashion retard either.  I just live somewhere at the tail end of all things fashion.  If it came blazing into style in 2010, then I'll probably get around to jumping on that bandwagon in late 2012. For instance, those "bubble necklaces" that are all the rage right now, I have not a one in site.  I'm sure I'll find one on super clearance a year from now and finally own one, just in time for everyone else to throw theirs out.  Or how about the color coral, that hideous orangey/pinky hue that it is.   I think its wretched and awful in every way.  Of course, perhaps some time NEXT year it will suddenly grow on me and I'll be accenting my home in it.  It happened with grey, it can't be denied.  I'm just not one to jump quickly into anything.  I need to see it's sticking power and let it grow.

So anyway......I've seen the owls.  Everywhere with the owls.  Kitschy home decore items, shirts, necklaces, pins, jewelry, etc.  And frankly....I've purposely avoided them.  Owls are, you know, sorta creepy.  Plus, my totally wierd and hippie Grandma was WAY into owls back in the day.  Clearly they were NOT cool. Or, it could be the really unfortunate macrame owl that my Mom made sometime in the 70's that hung in our family room for many a year.  Yeah, that could be the deferring piece for me.

But then, they were still here...couple of years and they're STILL here.  Everywhere I turn, OWLS!  I even got Maggie a sassy shirt with an owl on it for pictures.

Cut to Saturday, we're meandering around Tempe Marketplace killing time.  We wandered into Charming Charlies.  HOLY CRAP! Charming Charlies, where have you been all my life?  And I am NOT a real jewelry person either.  Jere wanted to buy me everything he saw (it's a problem) and I just tried to keep him under control.  Anyway....under complete bejeweled mezmerization we happened upon "the owl", in all it's cutesy, whoo whoo glory.  It couldn't be denied.  It made big owly eyes at me and said "buy me!"

So folks, I bought it!  I wore it, I rocked it.

And that is why I am now apologizing to all you lovers of the owl out there.  This can only mean one thing...........

This trend is now all but OVER!

Peace the WHOOOOOO out!



The Atomic Mom said...

Don't feel too bad about getting on the trend bandwagon late. You know, living here in the middle of freaking nowhere, we are the LAST people to get anything -- even after you. I'm just now noticing owls in stuff. So you're not alone. And that macrame owl ... oh yes, I remember it.

Master P said...

Okay, I'm SO the same way! I'll hate somethingf or a whilea nd then all of the sudden, be like - "now I like it! I MUST have it!!" and then it won't be sold ANYwhere because no one wears it any more. Every. Friggin. Time.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I will always love something but then NEVER buy it. And then by the time I talk myself out of being a cheapo or I finally have the money to buy something for myself & not one of the kids, then it's no longer cute & I'm outdated. I feel you!

The necklace is super cute though!

Laraine Eddington said...

Your owl is timeless. I predict you'll be buried with it or that your kids will fight over it as the most treasured heirloom.