Thursday, November 1, 2012

That One Time there was Halloween

Remember that one time that I actually wrote a blog? to. case you missed it, Halloween happened yesterday.  No really, it did. Maggie went through no more than 4 costumes until she found what she wanted, all in the 5 minutes before we needed to leave.  Whatever.

Max rocked a Knight in Shining Armour, thank goodness for Dana and her hand me downs.

Mayzie was the worlds cutest monkey.  What can I say.

And now.....our Halloween day in pictures.

Oh shut it, you want it, don't deny.

My Halloween began appropriately with blood, and A LOT of it!  At precisely 3:20 a.m. Max appeared ominously at my side letting me know he had a bloody nose.  Indeed....bloody face, arms, nose and otherwise.  His bed looked like a murder scene, not kidding.   Wait, you don't have your phone at the ready at 3:20 a.m. to capture such bloody moments?  Well, you are clearly not as cool as I.

By 7:50 a.m. we had Maggie in her 2nd costume choice of the morning.  I think she's an adorable little witch.  Emerson is cool enough to have spirit week during Halloween and therefore, one of the "spirit" days is costume day.  LOVE IT!  They even do a costume parade. (I missed it, let's not talk about it).
I have no pictures of our next stop.  Max got to go see an audiologist.  Good news, he didn't cry.  Better news, he only has moderate hearing loss in his right ear.  No big.  Actually, the Dr. said it is no big.  He has fluid buildup, we're gonna watch it. He should be fine.
Next stop....Jump Street with Max and his buddy Gavin.  Ok, let's be real....Gavin is the ONLY boy Max will conceed to play with.  Apparently he hates all other children, unless they are Maggie and HER friends.  So, yay for Gavin.  It was fun to play with them, and let them play.  After jumping about, we went to Chik Fil A for lunch and more playtime.  Then it was time to go home and prepare for lessons.
During which time (me teaching) Maggies friend Claire came over to play and they apparently stole my phone and took this picture.  Can we PLEASE talk about Maggies face here?  Dying!
After saying no to the bumble bee costume, rejecting the earlier witch and a brief flirtation with a Minnie Mouse Revisit, Maggie landed on the Snow Princess and a lot of glitter.  Max, as you can see is a rather dapper Knight in Shining Armor.  Silver Converse....please.  What more could I ask for?

These three are just really cute.  Which is good, because their sass factor almost overpowers the cute.

Mayzie the Monkey.  I can't, I just can't.  She's just so sweet.
Well, except for right here, she was a little upset with me and the Monkey at this moment.
But then she mostly looked like this all night.  Aaack, I wanna eat her for breakfast!
Then we went to the Ward block party and the kids played lots of fun games and got all the candy they needed.  AWESOME, no trick or treating required.

And cute Noelle our neighbor besty was an adorable Alice in Wonderland.

Then we walked down to our old Wards party in our old neighborhood, which made me sad for 10 seconds, because I still miss that neighborhood. Walked back to the church, and then drove to Gramma Dars to say hello and hang out for a minute.
We made it home by 8:45, got the kids showered and in bed, with only a minor (read MAJOR) meltdown by Maggie over he missing night night by 9:30. was a long and eventful day.
But, in the end, the kids were happy, excited about their candy and that's all that matters.
Glad to say, another Halloween is in the books.  Guess I should start prepping for Christmas, 'cause you know, it's gonna happen to.
Oh, and if I woulda worn the costume I thought about wearing, I woulda looked like this:
A "Mom" in the 50's.  This is my awesome costume from my awesome show. Someday I'll write about it. (ha)
And that my friends is our Day.
Goblins, ghouls and all that shish,


Bryson Jones said...

Yay for your posts! May we have a holiday season full of them! Perhaps Tierra and I should start a family blog as well. I love reading yours and others so much, perhaps it's time to document our own lives and share. Who knows. Awesome costumes all of them!

DianD said...

Love when you blog and such an amazing array of costumes! Maggie looked adorable in ALL of them! I especially loved the witch as well! I could hardly believe my eyes when she and Max were side by side! He is as tall as she is now! By the time we get back, he will be taller, I have no doubts. :) And Monkey Mayzie! I do believe that's one of the few pictures I've ever seen of her with something other than her smile. I guess everyone is entitled sometimes. Can I just say how darling you look in your costume? Sometimes I miss the look of the dresses of the 50's! They really were quite flattering for women and that one is cute! And look at ALL your hair! :) So fun! Max's nose-bleed! yuk! Looked like the knight that lost the joust! :)

Lene said...

Because why wouldn't you start Halloween with blood?!?

Cute kidlets and cute costumes. I'm going to have to borrow that Alice idea for Roo for next year. Too cute.