Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Package of Perfection

FOUR months have come and gone so quickly, it's hard to believe.  Also hard to believe is that we ever lived for one minute without Mayzie in our world.  She truly is the greatest blessing, and for lack of a better term: A Package of PERFECTION!!

She had her big checkup the other day and of course passed with flying colors.  She is a big ol' healthy girl.

4 mos.
15 lbs.
Glorious chub everywhere

She absolutely LOVES her feet.  Many times we will go in thinking she's still asleep, only to find her wide awake, sucking on her toes and cooing to her invisible friends.  She's awesome.

Her 2 month stats were literally IDENTICAL to Maggies. Same weight, height everything.  But apparently Maggie got stunted between 2 and 4 and Mayzie went on a wild growth spree.  She's a full 2 lbs. and 2 inches bigger than Maggie at that age.  I KNEW she seemed fuller.  I only remember maggie being scrawny always.

Anywho...what can I say? 

My dearest, darlingest Mayzie, 

You are a gift.  A gift of joy, sweetness, happiness and love that we feel SO LUCKY to have.  You do nothing but exude peace, laughter, giggles, coos and wonder.  Your brother and sister can NEVER get enough loves, kisses and squeezes with you.  There are always "fights" over who gets to hold you.  You are so patient and let them drag you all around the house with hardly a squeak.  You also very patiently wait for bottles when it's time to eat.  You rarely cry, and if you do, it's for good reasons like people have the audacity to ignore you for 2 seconds, or put you down, or you're really hungry or tired.

Your face lights up whenever anyone enters the room and talks to you.  You have a ready smile and spectacular, sparkly eyes.  Anyone who meets you leaves feeling happier than when they came in.

You are rolling all around and rocking back and forth on your knees.  I fear that you will be crawling far sooner than i'm ready for.  Your feet and arms are in constant motion.  You reach for and grab onto things and can almost hold your bottle up by yourself.  All this movement has interrupted your perfect sleep patterns a bit, as you seem to wake up when you find yourself unexpectedly on your back. 

Thankfully, you're a VERY good sleeper.  I can put you down wide awake and you will "talk" yourself to sleep, or sometimes cry, but never very long.  You nap twice a day usually for 1 1/2 hours in the morning and 3 to 4 in the afternoon.  You have NO idea how much this simplifies my life.  THANKS!

Thank you for choosing us.  Thank you for coming to live in our house, in our family and for bringing so much joy with you.  You truly are our package of perfection.

Love always,



The Atomic Mom said...

Mayzie and Jeffy must have been friends in heaven then ... he's on the move too.

Rita Templeton said...

She is SOOO STINKIN' CUTE, Allyson!!! I just want to love on her. Squeee!

Lana said...

Super cute. That blessing picture came out so lovely!

alison said...

FOUR MONTHS?? sheesh....i still remember when you told me you were pregnant! she is just oodles of cuteness and that smile? love :)

azandersens said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I'm seeing a ton of Max in the second pic.