Friday, August 3, 2012

Greer Happens

Miss me?  Yes, yes, of course you did.  Well, I was off enjoying the AWESOME of Greer for a week.

I must say, as I do EVERY is glorious.  It is the BEST week of the year, by far.  My kids ask for it all year long, they beg for it.  And once its over, they cry about it.  The weather was cold, cool, rainy and stunning.  The company was fantastic.

This year we did an Olympic theme, because we're clever like that YO!  Each family created their own family flag.  We had a parade of families, to the Olympic song, a torch lighting, etc.  Then we had different events throughout the week for points. Suffice it to say, we here at the Casa de VP are completely aware of our NON sportiness and were happily resigned to never winning the "golden shoe."  Let's just say, we have skillz elsewhere. hahahaha

Anyway, it was such a fun and fantastic week.  I hate that I have to choose just a few pictures, so as to not snooze you all to death.  There are just so many good ones to choose from.

The Shum clan in all our glory
just missing Danas 2 boys Bryson and Jamyn, B's wife Tierra and Dixies husband Shane who was laying in bed in agony.

My sassy family

Parading our flag in during the opening ceremonies

Our flag was completely designed and created by my totally talented and creative husband Jeer.

The tagline at the bottom says:
Making "Shum-erica" better one MVP at a time.

He also freehanded my sister Danas flag and my parents. Sometimes I forget that he's so artistically creative as well.

This kid had the time of his life, running, playing, climbing and just BEING>

And we "wonder" why we don't win? hahahah
That freaking thirstbuster is never out of his hands.

Porter and Troy are INSANE jump ropers.  Make it look so easy. I think they did like 180 in one minute.  OY!

Maggie volunteered for the situps.  She worked hard and did so great.  I was proud of her.

The water fight AFTER the balloon toss.  I always make sure to remove myself completely from this proceeding.  I no likey to get wet.

We'll just call this "The Posse"
these boys LURVE Jer, and he's found a captive audience in them.

I shall bore please you with more pics tomorrow.  For now, I leave you with this stunner taken by my 6 yr old Nephew.

I could NOT love a child more if I tried.
She was THE hit of Greer. Literal lineups every morning of who got to hold Mayzie.  She was the human dolly for all the kids as they carried her around the cabin, the grounds, played house with her etc.  And the most amazing part...she never cried.  She never batted an eye.  She just smiled and let them pass her from person to person to person.  She is PERFECT!!!

Greer forever,



Tara LaRue said...

Oh my heart - this last picture is priceless - one that should be framed. I've always envied your Greer trips. Sounds like you get to add another awesome family trip to your list!

Dixiechick said...

If I weren't there to experience it myself I'd never believe it...she really is the perfect baby. How do you spend an entire week with a baby and never hear her cry? Impossible! Yet true. Livy was sure in heaven getting to tote her around. She was the best "Baby Alive" those kids ever got to play with. :) Adorable.

DianD said...

Love these pictures and your assessment of Greer. How do I get copies of your pictures. I never tire of looking at them the whole year through! :)

Holly Decker said...

i just love y'all. amen.

Kristina P. said...

That looks like fun! You guys all look great.