Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Unplanned Project...

So yesterday, whilst perusing the merchandise at the Hobby Lobby ** with Jer, we came upon a sign and Jere HAD to have it.

**We were at Hobby Lobby to buy needle point projects for Jere, because he just discovered that it's super relaxing for him to sit and pull a needle in and out of plastic sheets. Hehehe

The sign looks like this:

I couldn't really say no because 1. I loved the saying too, and 2.  It was only 20 bucks.  So off we went with our newly purchased sign and no idea what we were gonna do with it.  Might I also mention that we had been at Michael's before that and I found the most bargainess bargain ever.  This adorable ceramic bird for $1.37.  That is ONE DOLLAR and THIRTY SEVEN CENTS!  AWESOME!!! Again, didn't know where it was going to go, but I had to have it.

There she is.  Cute no?

This morning, I just stuck the picture on the only nail that was in our wall (put there for something at Christmas time) to get it out of the way and get a maybe idea of what I would like to do.

Well people, this set off a whole slew of little projects.  Can you see where this is heading?

First, I went out to my garage and pulled this little shelfy poo that was just sitting in a pile of shelfy poos that I have.

Just some Wal-Mart special I had bought over 6 years ago for a classroom.

Then I turned to my paint shelf, and happily I had spray primer, and white spray paint.  Also...some fab blueish/turquoise spray paint left over from another project.  YES, I was on my way.

While I was doing these projects, my brain began percolating with other ideas.  I have inherited an AMAZING collection of hand made lace, doilies, clothing, etc. all knitted or tatted by my Great Grandmothers.  I have an amazeballs idea for a bedroom for Maggie someday that will incorporate many of these. However, at this time, I just dug through and  pulled out the only blue one I could find, pulled an old frame from my frame pile in the garage and painted the cardboard backing white.   Then I pulled another old frame, painted it white and just placed a darling little pillowcase with needlepoint/cross stitched blue birds made by my great grandmother under the glass.  I was thinking I was on to something.

So, after about a half hours worth of painting, and literally no money but the 20 bucks for the picture spent.  Oh excuse me, 20 plus the 1.37 for the bird, I had a new section of decorated wall.


And yes, I am fully aware that the entire thing needs to be lowered about 3 inches or more.  It's bugging me.  But Lana said she thought it was ok.  I'm gonna live with it for a bit and then reassess.  I HATE hanging things, it's a pain. are some closer looks of the projects.

A closeup of the grouping.  It makes me happy.
That spoon is called a love spoon.  My parents brought that back from a trip to Wales long ago.  It was given to my Grandparents, and when they were cleaning out my Grampas apartment, I got to keep it. I stole the plant from my entertainment center, and it just works smashingly there.  Man, I totally love designing on a dime (or stealing from around the house).

Yeah, I'm too lazy to iron the thing.  What of it?

Isn't that the coolest thing EVER!  I wish you could really see the detail.  It is so intricate and sooo teeny and amazing.  It's a lost art, that is for sure.

My sweet little dollar turquoise bird.  Need to put some black on the eyes.

So?  What do you think?  Be honest with me here.  I can take it.

 I won't lie, it felt GOOD to actually have a little project to do, and to be painting and decorating again.

Spray paint and messy hands,



DianD said...

Well, take 2!!! I'll never figure out why sometimes I can comment and other times not!... Anyway, LOVE the wall. Love that you were able to use treasures from the past -- like the pillowcase made for me before I was born by my G'ma and make the whole thing look so darling! Nice saying, too! Once more -- YOU DONE GOOD! :)

alison said...

i love things that have a story. even if that story is just that you got a crazy good deal on a cute little bird :) i'm like you...i'll have one thing kick start an entire project that was never even a thought before that little spark got me going. love it!