Thursday, July 5, 2012

The most Painful Cut.....

When I found out I was pregnant with Maggie (it was a girl) I sent up a few requests to the man upstairs.  If he could see fit, i'd be ever so grateful for these features:

Hair like her Daddies
Eyes like her Dads
A body like mine (because under all the fat, I have a good shape)  and if she couldn't have that, could she at least have Jeres arms and legs, 'cause they're cute and small, even when he's a big guy.  Oh what I wouldn't give to have arms and legs like HIS!

What she got was, her Auntie Julies body.  The girl is allll torso and NO legs, and her ankels are a little thickish.  She got not so great teeth (thanks to my Mom and me) beautiful eyes that are a mix of mine and Jeres, AND....God heard my plea and gave her gorgeous, thick, stunning hair.  It may not be dark like her Daddies, but it's thick and lucious like his.  THANK YOU!  As a girl who has lived all her life with thin hair, and then balding hair....I am ever so grateful for that one
tender mercy.

Just LOOK at that HAIR!  No judging on the clip ok?  We were just happy to have anything at all in her hair that day.  This is the picture they had taken at their summer class and then they painted a frame for Fathers Day and put it in.  SO CUTE!

So, perhaps, because of my own hair trauma, I've become rather attached to her lovely mane.

Me at Maggies age.  Thin and barely there hair.  My Mom informed me that mostly I grew mullets.  NICE!

Anyway......She has begged, and BEGGED for a very long time for us to just cut all her hair off.  I have firmly stood my ground and  said NO!  She insisted that she just wanted it cut off for the hot summer.  Because we all know you can just chop hair off for the summer and it'll grow right back come Fall.  I insisted that this was a bad idea because with short hair, I would then have to DO it all the time, as in blow it dry.  At least with long hair, she could just have it blowin in the breeze.

As I've made abundantly clear on this here blog.....doing her hair is a nightmare of epic proportions.  Somewhere along the way she decided that i'm incompetent and suck donkey balls in the hair doing department.  So, it didnt' matter what I tried, or how I tried, she became a sniveling, snarling, white hot ball of 4 year old terror.  There was screaming, there was head banging, jerking and spinning.  I think there may have been a few full out Exorcist moments in there.  There was crying and weeping (and that was just on MY part).  It was awful.  Nary a Sunday passed without me being FULL of anger and bitterness and her crying in her cheerios (which clearly someone had already "pissed" in...oh my sides).  I had to humble myself to just let her go around looking like a lost orphan child.  Tangled hair?  Ok.  Brushed yet just falling all in her face?  Just fine.  Of course if ANYONE else offered to do her hair, she was a total delight.  Happy as a clam to let them brush, comb, pull, bundle, whatever.

After my last big runin with her, and posting about it on here, my hairdresser extraordinaire and Sis in law Lana wrote and said that she thought perhaps I really should consider cutting off her hair.  She listed some reasons why this could be beneficial, not the least of which was...Maggie had for some reason created a very unhealthy association to me and her hair.  So, perhaps by cutting it off and not having to try and do it, she could get over that.  Plus, she'd look cute.  It should be noted that Jere had been pushing for this haircut for a long time too. I just was NOT ready to go there.

But, my defenses were down, I was beaten down with all the fighting and decided that perhaps she was right.  I agreed to cut Maggies beautiful hair.  That is not to say that there weren't quite a few tears shed.  I know...ridiculous, but I can't help it.  I loved her hair, and perhaps covet it a little bit too.

So am I the ONLY one to be saddened by cutting off their kids hair?  Yes?  Just me huh?  Ok, fine.

When I asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut on Monday she nearly jumped out of her skin with excitement.  When I asked if she was REALLY sure, she looked at me with all the confidence in the world and said:
"I'm REALLy sure."
"Maggie, what if your hair doesn't grow back,"
"Well, if it grows back that will be ok, but if it doesn't grow back, I'll be just fine with that."

The time for the cut could not get here fast enough for her.  She was actually bugged that she had to wait through Maxs and my haircut first.

Finally, the moment of truth came.  I gulped down some more tears and put on a brave face.  My babies perfect, untouched, long hair was about to be cut away.

Just a shot of her final cool hairdo.  Lana did this fancy thing for her performance last Saturday (post to come)

Someone is WAYY to excited about this.

Holy crap!  That really happened.   And it is a lot of hair!
Do you SEE her smile?  We never see that much happiness from her.

Mama be sad

Cousin Livy using the hair as pom pons

Lana working some scissor "magic"

Ta Da!  There she is, in all her short glory.
Does she suddenly look 15 or what?

She is SO pleased with this hair she can barely take it.  She wants everyone to see it, comment on it, love it like she does.  So, I s''s a win.
Now, who wants to bet I can NEVER get it to look as good as Lana again.

For your viewing pleasure, I leave you with a shot of my little man Max, who got a haircut of his own that day.

Yeah, I buzzed it all off.
I was sorta sick of him fighting me on combing it, and crying about haircuts.  So now, no worries for awhile.  Just makes him look more like his Daddy at that age, only blonder.

Oh yeah, and one last one of Mayzie, because please, who doesn't want to see a cute baby?

Scissors and tears,



Lene said...

It is so dang cute!
But I totally get the Momma trauma of a haircut. I cried over cutting LaLa's hair...and still cry every time I want to braid it. But I have to say I love Roo with short hair and all it takes is a quick blow dry with a round brush and it is done and cute. Hopefully you will find the same with Maggie.
And I Love Love Love Max's buzz cute.

LadyCarma said...

You did the right thing! And I love the magic that Lana created for Maggie. She does look less "little girl" with the cut. It will be worth if for you.
Like you, I hated to have my daughters get their hair cut. I loved the flexibility of many styles of hair when they had long locks. But my girls loved (really loved) for me to do their hair all cute and in different styles. Considering I didn't have hair stylist training or a nearby family member who did, I came up with some fabulous hair styles for them. But in the end, when they begged, I gave in and cut. I predict this will be a relationship change for you and Maggie.

Wendy said...

Seriously, Maggie's hair looks so cute!!! It is hard letting go of the longer hair, I have missed Lincoln & Griffin's but they haven't, not for a second.

EG said...

I love the cut! Nothing cuter than a little lady sporting a bob.

WhisperingWriter said...

Your daughter is adorable! Her new hair looks great.

My daughter refuses to cut her hair at the moment. She wants it long like Rapunzel.

Greg and Tammy said...

Wow. You are a very brave mom! I would have a hard hard hard time cutting Emma's hair. But Maggie really does look so darling and I think she looks about 16 in that picture not 14. :)

The Scotts said...

Love this post!!! I would cry with you. I always say in heaven I am going to have amazingly thick hair! But her hair cut is ADORABLE!!! Good luck and hope it stops the fights!!