Friday, July 6, 2012

The MAGIC of Musical Theatre

Every June for the last 12 years I have been a director for Mesa Community Colleges "Magic of Musical Theatre" program.  It's an intensive 2 week "camp" for kids ages 5th grade thru 12th to come and learn to sing, dance and act.  Overall the performance consists of about 30 different numbers.  We put on a big show in the theatre with lights, cool set, costumes, etc.  It really is an amazing program and the kids LOVE it!  June is a very busy, very crazy month, to say the least.  Especially having 3 kids and trying to juggle them, babysitting, directing, etc.  This June was only added stress due to the rehearsals for our show "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."  But anyway....

There is a second program for "the littles" that is for kids ages Kindegarten thru 4th grade.  I don't teach that one, or have anything to do with it, but it's super cute.  This year....Maggie was finally old enough to take part in it, and holy cow was she excited.  Before their session started they got a CD to practice to and learn their songs.  She and Max listened to it daily, and I'll have you know, Max knows all the songs too.  He's excited to be able to do it next year.  However, my point here is...Maggie did it this year, LOVED it and got to do it with EIGHT of her cousins, or her best friends as she likes to call them.

I can't tell you how fun and heartwarming it was to see all 9 of those Shumway kiddos/cousins up there singing and "acting" their little gutts out.  I won't lie, we have a talented bunch of little kids amongst us.  But of course my favorite was seeing Maggie up there, 'cause she looked soooo mini and tiny.  When it came time for her solo, she belted it out loud and proud.  Jere was ready to shed a little tear, as was I.  It's so wierd what happens to you as a parent and you witness your kid doing something they love, and are good at.  JOY!

I'm grateful for this program, not only for the benefit it is to all kids involved, but for the employment it offers, the growth I've made, and the happiness it brings to so many.  My Mom is a diehard follower of all the performances, even if she doesn't have grandkids performing.  She just loves it that much. hahahahaha

Ok fine, i'll shut up.  Here are a few pics, and trust me, they suck.  Photography was not my calling in life.

All gussied up and ready to perform.
Cousin Morgan said:
Maggie, it's hard to recognize you with Makeup on.

Tatum and Livy during warmups before the show.

Maggie singing in warmups.  She has a distinctive tongue thing she does when singing.  someday I hope to break her of the habit.  For now....we let it be cute.

All NINE of the cousins who were in the program

Sister cousins
Brooklyn, Livy, Maya, Tatum, Morgan and Maggie

Crazy boy cousins
Dane, Jayce and Owen

Proud Parents

Gramma Peggy

Gramma and Grampa Shumway

And Mayzie came dressed in her leopard print finest to support her big Sis.

After the performance we enjoyed a family meal at YC's Mongollian BBQ (so delish) and then the kids came back to the theatre with us to watch the night show of all the older kids workshop! 

For the was the 25th Year of Workshop!  Sorta a big dealio.  And cool enough is the fact that there were two girls in 2nd session whose Mother was in the FIRST session ever.  Their Mom happens to be my friend Marie, sister to my friend Joyce.  They were darling girls and I loved having them, especially Meredith 'cause she was in EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of my numbers.  So for you Joycee (and Marie who is a stalker of my blog, HI) here is the cute pic we took.

All in all it was a perfect Saturday for the MVP's!

Cousins and cuties,



The Atomic Mom said...

THANKS!! Mere told me she was in all of your songs, and she was so excited about it. I loved that I was in Workshop way back in the day....we'd ride the bus out to MCC every day with Matt Hill and all of the Denton kids. I'm sad that there is NOTHING like that where I live now...nothing. Cultural wasteland....

Greg and Tammy said...

SO FUN! I can't wait for Emma to do the younger one next year! Maggie looks so darling!!!

Stephanie @ dial m for minky said...

Maggie is looking more and more like her gorgeous momma!