Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blessing an "Amazing" Mayzie

As you may or may not know...we here in the Mormon church bless our children in church.  Usually it's done when they are a month or 2 old.  They are given and name and a blessing, and it's one of my favorite things.  Mayzie had to wait a little longer than most because we were figuring some logistics out.

Ya see, Jere picked up a pretty serious social anxiety disorder after all the trauma of a year ago.  I know it seems ridiculous, because he's Jere, and he's loud and crazy and can act in front of 100's of people and he's super social.  And yet, if put in a situation where he feels like he's being watched  or "judged" and he has to be himself, as opposed to an acting character, he gets completely overwhelmed.  SO, he decided he wanted to bless Mayzie while we were in Greer, so it was just with our family.  Unfortunately, that is not allowed.  So next we moved on to the thought that we'd just do it at home with our family present.  That takes special permission too.  So, it came down to doing it in church, which sent him into literal anxiety spasms.  In the end, he decided that my Dad would give her the blessing and he would just be in the circle with them. In a way, it's pretty special that my Dad did it, because she is most likely the last of the Grandkids, AND he's leaving for a year and a half to Argentina.

This morning was an insane whirlwind that was not helped by the fact that i woke up an hour late.  Our church is rather unfortunately at NINE A.M. and it's hard enough on a normal week to make it on time.  But, we closed our show last night, got home late, Maggie was up and crying and croupy coughing at 11:30, had to wash Jeres church clothes, etc.  Needless to say, got in bed very late, and then my kids kindly DIDN'T wake me up as they usually do at 6:30.  So, at 7:30 I woke up with a start and said CRAP!  I had to make some gooey bread (ask me for the recipe from pinterest, totally yummy), make sure the rice pudding was done, set up stuff for the brunch after the blessing, get all the kids ready and still get myself ready.  Needless to say.....Jere took all the kids and got to church just before it started, and I arrived 10 minutes AFTER it started.  My entire family was there on time, and I couldn't even get there on time.  LAME!

A few minutes after I got there it was time for her blessing.  Mayzie was of course absolutely perfect.  She was calm and full of her usual smiles, chatter and happiness.  She will definitely be my sunshine and lollipops child, for sure.

It was neat to have all of my family in the circle, minus poor Shane who had to be in charge at his ward, Bryson who is in IL, Jamyn in Mexico.  Otherwise, every male old enough was there.  We also had our good friend Blaine in the circle too.

My Dad gave a simple but sweet blessing.  He blessed her with good health throughout her life, and that she would grow up to be an example in the gospel, among other things.

After sacrament meeting we had everyone over for a brunch, and well, it was delicious, if I do say so myself.  Gramma Peggy made some tasty individual omlettes, biscuits and gravy in a muffin size, a chicken and noodle casserole, and some mini chocolate cupcakey things.  I made ham and egg cups (pinterest), gooey bread (pinterest), rice pudding, waffles and bran muffins.  All was rounded out by fruit and orange juice, oh and one thing of delicious bacon.  Everyone ate until they might burst and then hung around to visit.  I really, really love my family.  Then much later, our friends Blaine and Noelle and their kids, and our friend Ivan showed up for a round of food.  It's awesome, I don't have a huge amount of leftovers. YAY!

And now, I'm annoyed with this post, because I'm just rambling and noone cares.  So, I'll just show you a few little pics, including some comparisons to the other kids on their blessing days, 'cause it's interesting.

Unfortunately, by the time we got to picture taking the other two kids had changed into their grungies, and Max was back in his bedroom getting mauled by his cousin.

FAVORITE picture i've taken of her so far.  I happened to capture it just right.

Proof of Maxs battle wounds.  His cousin tends to lash out when he's not happy.  It's a pretty hefty scratch.  But, Max really loves himself a band aid, so see, not all is lost.

What?  Why yes, yes that IS the same dress I am wearing in todays blessing pic. FIVE years and I'm still wearing the same clothes.

Maggie at 3 mos.
She was just really way more teeny as a baby

Hmmm, seems we were a bit heftier after Max came around

Max at 2 1/2 months.
He definitely changed the most from his baby phase.  It hardly even looks like him to me.

So there you have it.  A perfect day at Casa MVP.  Friends, family and baby blessings.

If you must know, right now Jere is playing old school Atari on the TV, 'cause apparently THAT wild hair hit him.

Happy Sabbath,



Laraine Eddington said...

Awww, I love blessing day, even with all its stress and rush and worrying about feeding everyone. Your little Mayzie is beautiful. I was going to say AMayzing, but that is too obvious.

WhisperingWriter said...

Such precious pictures.