Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just a little more...

What?  You weren't dying for more Greer pictures?  Ah well, Ima gonna show you a few more anyway.  YOU GUYS, this IS me scaling back.  I'm proud of how FEW I put in the last post.

Today we just hit random moments.

But first........

I forgot to post this pic of the "originals"

 How could I NOT post this? I love all my silly nieces and nephews.  And REALLY, look at Maggie.  Killing me here.

I just love this pic of Eric going down the kiddy slide.

Jody "foolishly" taught all the girls "Miss Suzie had a steamboat".  And let me tell you, that is ALL we heard for a week straight.  All these girls standing in our faces doing that game.

I should write a whole post about Jere and his needle pointing.
He took it up and is now all obsessed.  He ended up teaching Quin and Conner and one night, those nerdy boys sat downstairs, Jere, Quin and Conner and just needlepointed until midnight.  HILARIOUS!

What can I say....the boy loves him some chocolate ice cream

Jayce was just reading all the kids interesting facts about frogs, or whatever other animal he felt like looking up on the ipad.  It was quite cute to watch.

All ready for family picture day

Just had to show this.  Poor Breckyn (the oldest girl there).  She says she feels so dumb in the grandaughter pics because she looks like she could be their Mom.  And to several of these, she could be their Mom.  She was the ONLY girl for many, many years.  But I love the pic of all our "queens".

Troy said: "Hey Allyson, check this out."
And there was my THREE MONTH old daughter standing straight as a board and balancing in his hands.  It was quite amazing to watch.

The "Out-Laws"
This year they opted to get in bed with Shane for the pic, since he wasn't up to standing for pics.
The bed nearly broke, 'cause apparently it wasn't made for 6 adults.

Maya was leading the kids off on a "hike".
She discovered an "abandoned theatre" and the kids would go there everyday to explore.  None of us ever went to see just what it was they discovered, but it kept them happy.

Mayzie could seriously rock the Calvin Klein.

Jayce was protecting Maggie from the scariness of the red swing.

This was all of them "helping" to push the swing.

Max and Maggie getting ready for their big potato sack race.
It was fun to actually have them fully participate in the events this year.

Max:  Can somebody come and help me monkey on the monkey bars?
I of course obliged him, because really, how can I not help a kid "monkey".

Alright then, that will be enough for the day.  And like I said, this is soooo paired down. I'm not even gonna bore you with karaoke, because sadly, this year it was sort of a bust.

Tomorrow, Sunrise and the closing ceremonies of our Olympics.

Green trees and blue skies,


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Amanda said...

i love that your family does this! our combined families are large enough to do this but sadly they could all care less about spending time together .... even though we all live within 10 minutes of each other. sigh.