Monday, August 13, 2012

Firsts. When did THIS happen? kids went and grew up on me and I was caught unawares!

Seriously, one day they're teeny babies and then the next, they're off to school, and rolling over.

This week was a banner week at MVP house.  Mayzie started rolling all over town (also known as the house), Max started preschool and Maggie started Kindegarten.  CRAZY!!

So, because you've all been just knocking down my door for pictures (snort) I will pleasure your eyeballs with our "firsts."

Age 3 (4 in October)
44" Tall
49.2 lbs.
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite Show:  Power Rangers

He's pretty pleased with his SpongeBob backpack, 'cause "It's funny."

This is what he looked like on day one at 2:00 p.m.
Apparently that first day of preschool, plus a swim with Auntie Julie was enough to wear him right out.  But please do note that he still has complete control over BOTH remotes.  My kids have a wierd obsession over who gets the remotes.

This is her go to spot and pose.
Killing me here.  What is she 20?

Age 5
46" tall
56 lbs.
Favorite Food:  Salad and Pizza
Favorite show: All things Nickalodean

Though this pic was not taken on Maxs first day, he insisted on grabbing his backpac and being part of the pic.  Love these kids.

On Monday we took the kids to In n Out for a back to school dinner.  'Cause we're healthy like that. YO!  It was fun to just sit and eat with them and enjoy their random thoughts.  I even let Maggie splurge and get rootbeer.  It should be known I do NOT believe in the soda drinking.  They have literally had soda like 3 times in their life, and that was only at a birthday or something.  But, this rootbeer was a BIG hit with them both.

See...another FIRST.
"Mom, this rootbeer is DEE-LISH"

Apparently fries mean NOTHING to her!

So, we are officially a school family.  It's wierd.  Why do I still feel like I'm 18, and yet there are these little people who think I have it all together and are depending on me.  Did my parents feel this way?  I just can't imagine they ever did.  OY!  Being a grown up is scarey.  I wish I could have the innocence of these 3 sweet kiddos, unaware that school lasts FOREVER and kinda sucks, And that those french fries and rootbeer aren't free, and that life isn't just play dates and swim parties.  hahaha


Happy School Year to you all.



Brad said...

kindergarten? Really? And Max? He's a man. When did this happen?

Brad said...

Not Brad. It's me. You know that, right?

The Atomic Mom said...

We're starting preschool too ... I'm kinda fearing and anticipating the whole schedule thing.