Thursday, November 15, 2012

Max's Museum Adventure

Last Friday Max got to go on his 2nd field trip ever.  Look, 'tis no secret that I'm none to pleased with his whole preschool experience thus far.  There are still NO wall decorations in the entire classroom for crying out loud.  These are preschoolers, they need stimulation and colorful things to look at.  But, that's niether here nor there.  It also doesn't help that he needs to know spanish to you know, talk to half the kids in his class, but whatever.  He thinks he's "going to school" every day and for the most part loves it (minus that really wierd 2 weeks where he went kicking, screaming and overall losing his damn mind into class each day, after I literally dragged him and carried him in.  That was NOT fun).  He has his friends that he deems worthy, the top of that list being Destiny (of course a girl) and Cesar.  They don't do any learning as far as I can see, just playing, but again, neither here nor there.

Where was I?  Oh yes, last Friday....field trip.  We got the opportunity to go to the Phoenix Childrens Museum.  Ride the big yellow school bus, pack a lunch and all. Max was so excited for this, and frankly, so was I.  I've never been, but heard it was pretty great.

And so, I share a few pics of the day.

First we met up at their playground and Max showed me the flowers HE planted and is growing.

Ready for his first bus ride. Let's not judge the spilled milk all over his shirt. Nor shall we mention the hideousness of my knees digging into the seat in front of me.

Max's beloved Destiny.  His favorite friend at school.
One of our first stops:  The "carwash".  This was really cute, and Max woulda stayed on that trike all day if allowed.
Then we spent a good amount of time on "the climber", it is a 3 story contraption of metal and tubes and walkways.  Oh, and giant bathtubs and silly boats and such.

I got my big booty all up in that thing. And at first it was ok. See, I'm smiling.

A shot from high up in the climber.
But then it got scary. I was seriously about to have a full out panic attack.  I was having to climb through small tunnel/tube things, and climb and crawl and there were a MILLION screaming children and seriously.....I was freaking out.  I was one breath away from a hyperventilate.  Thankfully, i got out and all was well.

Then we went through the jungle of pool foamy things hanging from the cieling.  That was fun.

On the other side....we found a book, just for Max.  I tried to read it to him, but he got bored.  He had other things to check out. Which clearly were NOT "his words".  See what I did there?
Took a little stop by the car tracks and the pickle car.

Then Max thoroughly enjoyed sticking little stuffed owls onto this thing and then they went up the wall and got flung off by hitting a fan.  A bit diabolical, but the boys LOVED watching them fly through the air.

Lunchbreak.  All Max could think about was how Jayden got to have gatorade and he didn't.  So, I gave in and got him some.  SHEESH!

Outside the lunchroom was this tubey contraption that had super compressed air.  You put little balls in it and watched them shoot around the tube and come flying out an opening.  I swear he woulda spent the rest of the day right there if he could.
A quick little splish splash of pink paint on the tree.  A run through the climber and then we were on our way.
All in all, a fun, successful field trip.  But, I won't lie to you.  I was EXHAUSTED.  This Mama is just too old for this stuff.  At least that's what I tell myself.  My poor kids, they're so screwed with the old lady as the Mom.
Oh well, at least they're Dad is young. Bahahahahahaha!
Crazy kids and climbing contraptions,

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