Sunday, October 26, 2008

First things First

Ok, I know you're all waiting with breathless anticipation for a post on Mr. Mans birth and pics of his royal cuteness, and THAT is coming. However, first I must post a couple of things that I meant to do before I had the baby. I was just too tired and too lazy. So, to go along with my play on words....
Maggie got her "FIRST" (hehe get it?) haircut. To say she was getting a little mangey would be an understatement. So, we headed over to Lana's house for a very informal little trimmy trim. She sat on Lana's lap in her living room and did pretty well. After the cut we headed for Sonic and then to a park for a delightful little picnic. It was Maggies first time to play in sand. She had a delightful time and came away a mess, but happy. So, all in all it was a lovely afternoon, and her haircut was a success.
Can we say scruffy. Sheesh!

Now that's a sweet face, that you can now see. Thanks Lana! What would we do without you?

Now that is a happy and dirty little girl.

Nothing says bliss (well at least to Maggie) like an apple juice slushy from Sonic. The perfect treat after a sweaty play in the sand.

Just a little shot of what I pay for a peaceful shower experience.

Maggie feels unloading the dvd's and videos is a pleasure for me to clean up. But, I guess if it makes it possible for me to shower and get ready, then it's all worth it.

And lastly, we went on a little family outing last Saturday night. Our last little trip out as just the three of us. We went to dinner at Charlestons, and Maggie ate herself silly on Mac n cheese, bread and even some of her Daddy's Steak. I'm dumb and forgot to get a pic with me in it, but that's ok.

Have I mentioned...this girl knows how to EAT!!!
Ok, there you have it. I feel much better having that done. I promise to get back with Max's birth story and pics of his cuteness.
Love to all.

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LanaBanana said...

Um...I want some Charleston's Mac n Cheese!! :) I'm happy to give Maggie a haircut at home if it means getting to eat sonic and play all morning. Anytime. :)