Saturday, October 18, 2008

No Baby

Sorry. No baby yet. He's a stubborn ol German like his Great Gramma. Clearly they've been spending too much time together already. Allyson's done everything to get this baby out:

* Castor Oil
* Bouncing on the Exercise Ball
* Squats / Jumping Jacks / Jogging
* More Castor Oil
* The "Natural Way" between Husband & Wife
* Pressure Point Massage on Feet / Hands / Legs
* More Exercise Ball Bouncing
* More Squats / Jumping Jacks / Jogging

NOTHING is getting this baby out! So, we have an apointment at noon on Monday to have her induced if he's still resisting the birthing process. I know he's just scared because my Gramma has been telling him all that he's in for having me as a dad and he's now having second thoughts about coming. I can't say that I blame him - I'm just as terrified to have him as he is to have me. But, everyone keeps telling me what a great dad to a boy I'll be so I just keep telling myself that in hopes that sooner as opposed to later I'll start to believe it.

In other news I'd like to make a quick shout out to all my peeps who have send texts, calls, cards, thoughts and prayers my way due to the passing of my schweet Gramma. It was great for me to get to go home for the week and spend time with my family and to have the incredible opportunity to sing "The Old Rugged Cross" at her funeral. It was great to "go home," but it's also great to be back here and have the whole thing behind me now. My Gramma knew that I couldn't come in September because of BLACKBEARD, (check out the cool new website with pics and video clips!) and she couldn't wait too much longer after the show closed because she knew Max was coming so her timing was really perfect. Just goes to show you that I really was her favorite! =)

Well, we're off for another adventure to Costco for a few items and then who knows what this day has in store for us. I'd personally like to take my sweet lady out on the town for a movie/dinner date. We'll see how she feels about that (and hope that Gramma Peg wants to babysit for us).

Peace & Love to all!

Until next time. . .


LanaBanana said...

I knew it was you when you said, "The natural way between husband and wife". For some odd reason I couldn't quite picture Allyson putting that in. I was surprised/disappointed to not hear further details. :) Hehehe. She would die. Does she know you hijaked this blog?

ZippityDoDaw said...

Yes agreed, only a husband says "the natural way" Ha, Ha. None of this stuff never seems to work. Maybe he will show up during the night after you all rest from your labors.

Andersonland said...

I've been serioulsy praying for the arrival of Max and for the goodness of Allyson. Jere, you will be a find Dad to a boy. In fact, you will be a great Dad to a boy, because you will teach him about the theater and music, whereas most boys would only get the football talk. :) I hope all is well for the VanP's we love you over here in New Mexcio....kisses to Allyson from her Ethel....