Thursday, August 6, 2009

101 is.....something else, that's what!

101 is a BIG number, don't you think? Well there were 101 dalmations, which is A LOT of doggies, don't ya think? Then there is 100 degrees, that's HOT. 100 dollars is a good amount to have in your pocket. Let's face it, 100 is a big number, ESPECIALLY if it's the amount of weight you've lost! YEP...Jere has officially lost 101 lbs. Can you stand it? He did that in 3 1/2 months, it took me 5 1/2, whatev. He is looking great, even if he doesn't think there is that much of a difference. HA! He's confused!!! Below I offer pictoral proof.


The night before surgery at a fabulous 407 lbs. It's always so wierd to look back and realize how big a person was.

This picture taken just a couple of days ago. What a handsome guy!!
In conjunction with Jeres great accomplishment, AND the fact that tomorrow is his birthday, I'm offering a list of 101 things, characteristics if you will, about Jere!
101 pieces of Jere:
1. Blue eyes
2. Handsome
3. Crazy
4. Funny
5. Actor
6. Passionate
7. Smart
8. Father
9. Crooner
10. Lover of all things Broadway
11. Moody
12. Obnoxious
13. Loud
14. Charasmatic
15. Little Brother
16. Uncle
17. Mary Kay Man
18. Life of the party
19. Son
20. Christmas fanatic
21. Lover of roller coasters
22. Devoted grandson
23. Husband
24. Student
25. Tall
26. Great grey hairs
27. Center of Attention
28. Music lover
29. Computer whiz
30. N'Sync fan
31. The Nerd
32. Zoni winner
33. Loves to SLEEP!
34. Complimentary
35. Short fuse
36. Teacher
37. Well organized
38. Office supply addict
39. Intense
40. OCD
41. Doesn't hold grudges
42. Quick to react
43. Loves Buster
44. Ice cream addict
45. Self deprecating
46. Drummer
47. Fan favorite
48. Pied Piper
49. Hot box
50. Potty mouth!
51. Butt-less
52. Child at heart
53. Shakespeare scholar
54. Steele Magnolias (need I say more)
55. Julia Roberts lover
56. Blogger
57. Friend for life
58. Salesman
59. Barfer
60. Dianna Krall
61. Fear of the dark
62. Co-dependent
63. Disneyland
64. New York
65. Snow
66. Reality TV Junky
67. A little bit Wicked
68. Paris obsession
69. Dreams of Broad-way
70. Hates heat
71. Movie watcher
72. No more apnea
73. Contagious laugh
74. Enthusiastic
75. Stage door whore
76. Dreamer
77. Have I mentioned HANDSOME
78. Family
79. Frustrating
80. Toro
81. Afraid of bugs
82. Night swimmer
83. Down 3 shirt sizes
84. Gastric patient
85. Hard worker
86. Native of Illinois
87. Convert
88. Imaginative
89. Shameless
90. Beagles
91. Wrapped around Maggies finger
92. LOVES presents, of ALL kinds!
93. Fast typer
94. Persistent
95. Freakshow (in the most loving way)
96. People Watcher
97. Uninhibited
98. Croc lover
99. Glasses
100. Orange
101. My cute husband

Happy Birthday Babe! Hope it's a great one! And we're soooo proud of you and your loss!


Jere said...

This is the SCHWEETEST post ever!! And holy shit I was really fat!! WOWZERS!!


LanaBanana said...

That post was hilarious--as was Jere's comment afterward. Completely confirmed the "potty-mouth" part. :) I keep trying to tell him how different he looks, so I'm glad you have pictures to back that up. Happy birthday to Jere (in 10 minutes!)! And kuddos to you for being able to post a mega-long list of things!! WOW. My brain goes blank when I sit down to do that kind of thing!

✩Molly✩ said...

what an amazing accomplishment! And the pictures are really wow factors! Way to go coming up with 101 attributes... i am not sure I could, about my husband. (and his birthday is the 23rd... perhaps if i get started now *scratches head*)

LadyCarma said...

Music please: "Happy Birthday to Jere..." etc, sung of course, though not the same as your beautiful and caring wife could do, but with all sincerity. I have always loved your hugs - is that on the list? You are a hugger, and now, I can put my arms around you. Way to go! I know it hasn't been easy, but it sure looks worth it!

jen said...

I've missed your updates. Be back for good, k?
Jere--wow! What a difference.

The Fischbeck's said...

WOW to both of you! He brings to meaning to Jere the Hottie! And I am so glad that you are back. I was seriously getting nervous as to why things were so silent on the vanpatten front--I will chalk it up to the move and rumors of some sort of trip to greer (which I am sure we will be hearing/laughing about in the near future! Ü

I sent you an e-mail to your marykay email, but in case it didn't go thru

Maile said...

Wow, now that's creativity! I love my husband with all my heart, but I don't know if I could come up with a list like this!

Jules said...

Like I told Jere on Sunday "Wow you look 'yiddle' sitting there." Way to go bro. Looking at the diff. pics....HOLLY SNAPDRAGONS BATMAN!!! My mouth hit the floor when I saw them last night. It was fun thinking of the "list" last night... good laughs. Thanks Ally

Fer Fer said...

Holy Cow Jeer!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!! I am so proud of you and what you have done!! You look more like Jeff and not so much like Aaron now! It was almost kinda scarey, but you little bro are HOT!!! Kudos to you and Ally for the amazing top 100 list! It was fun reading the list and thinking back to all the traits. However, I think you forgot one though... knife thrower!! Anyway, Happy Birthday late and give the kids hugs and kisses. Love and miss you guys, Auntie Fer :)

Anonymous said...

Hey jeer, good job-keep up the good fight.

HEY FER, scarey? i challenge you to a walk-off at the abandon factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Derek Zoolander