Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My commando

See that wee little boy, WaaaaaaaaaaY down there at the end of our super HUGE hall? Don't be fooled, this kid moves at lightning quick speed. He is READY for the special ops.
Commando Max is on his way.

He's gonna get ya!

And it's all worth it when this smiley little face comes at you. Now I should take a picture of his DISGUSTING black knees and toes. WOW! I sure love this kid!
Black knees and sparkly eyes,


The Driggs said...

That is a cute smile! And love those baby blue eyes. That is so cute to see him working so hard to get to you. Yah, we get black feet at our house!

Wendy said...

Those eyes are incredible!! What a cute little guy, determined to succeed and he looks so happy doing it.

Jenn C. said...

We should get Max and Joseph together and they can commando crawl together. Joseph will go on his knees sometimes but if he is after something and needs speed then he goes on his tummy!

I love Max's eyes!!! I bet he loves having more room to crawl around in. :)

Anonymous said...

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