Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First for all

OY!! So much going on, so little time or desire to write about it. You know how it goes, you get beind, then you get overwhelmed, then you don't write. So, maybe there will be like 20 updates in a row, maybe not.

Anyway.....as the title states, Monday was a day for firsts.

We have a new puppy, our FIRST dog. (technically he came to live with us last Tuesday, but you know...firsts). His name is Lewie (named after Jeres G'pa) and he's a cheagle. Not a great pic, but he really is a cute little puppy. If you know me, you KNOW I am NOT an animal person. Me no likey animals, most especially in a house. So, Jere fought hard and I caved. BUT, he lives outside, because that is where animals belong. However, I won't lie, he sort of makes me feel bad for him, 'cause he's really sweet and cute. I'll try and take a better picture someday soon.

Maggie gave us her FIRST completely unsolicited, posed and SMILING photo. She WANTED to take the pic. It may be because Brooklyn and Jere were taking pics for their big day, but still, it was cute.

Brooklyns FIRST big day of school. She gets to go to Miss Ranelle (worlds GREATEST preschool teacher) two days a week. I can NOT believe my "baby" who came to me at 5 mos. is now THREE and in preschool. She was pretty darn excited for her big school adventure. It's so fun because she is in class with her cousins Jayce, Dane, Morgan AND Owen, how fun is that?

I think Jere was MORE excited for his FIRST day of "big boy" college at ASU than any kid going to kindegarten. He's proudly wearing his ASU shirt, his smaller jeans, his backpack, etc.

A final shot of our two school kids on their first day. We got to drop Jere off at his class, then scoot across the whole city to drop Brooklyn off (after a foray into Target and a crappy lunch on the go). All in all, a successful day (or week) of FIRSTS!!
School supplies and smiles,


Crandell Fam said...

hysterical. Seriously, funny. Jere, that is. :) I love that you got a picture of Brooklyn on her first day, because of course I didn't...can you send it to me?

Jason and Kate said...

So cute! Jere looks fabulous and I had to laugh thinking of him going to his first day of school. I can only imagine how excited he was. :)

Dana said...

Darn....I was hoping for Jayce's "first day of school picture" too. Since you are the surrogate mother that photographs our children for us!!

Cute pictures. And, I won't tell you what I thought when I read your blog title about "commando"

Steph said...

How cute is Jere! Good luck at school!

You are far too nice--I'm with you on the animals. Carter (my 7 year-old) keeps asking for a dog, and I tell him, "Someday when you have your own house, you can get your own dog." Meanest mom in the world, I know.

Jenn C. said...

I agree with Steph. You are the nicest mom ever. We tried the pet thing and I will not do it any more! I know that you are amazing so you will be able to take care of your kids and a pet. I on the other hand had to make a choice and I love kids way more than pets! :) Good luck!