Friday, August 7, 2009

Finding friends in alternate places

Here's the deal. I have SO MUCH to catch up on and cover that I'm overwhelmed. So, I'm just throwing out these little tid bit entries, because they're easy, AND they are fun things that occurred in my blogging absence. I do promise to get to Greer and my house and my amazing children and their growth soon, I do! But for now....

You know, friends can be found in so many different ways. Sometimes they're in a class at school, sometimes you've known them since birth, sometimes you meet them through another friend, or you happen to start talking to them at the park or church or whatever. And THEN there are those friends that you meet not in person, but in the magical world of the internet. We have one such friend, her name is Danielle. We "met" her almost 6 years ago through an old diary site we used to write on. She stumbled on Jeres diaryland page and then hooked up with mine and we shared a mad love for Clay Aiken so we were destined to be besties. Anyway, over the last 6 years Danielle has "been there" to share to hard times, the joys of babies arriving, the stresses of life, etc. She has loved our children from afar and been just so great to chat with whenever possible. She lives in the greater DC area, but enjoys traveling quite a bit. Imagine our delight when she wrote to say she'd be in Phoenix with her beloved man Tony at the end of July. And so it was that on a hot and balmy July night we ventured into the heart of Phoenix to meet our long time and lovely internet friend Danielle. We met up at a cute and delish little restaraunt named Switch near Phoenix Theatre. They rode the light rail from Glendale and we showed up family style in the mini. It was such an easy, fun and enjoyable evening. Danielle (and Tony, shouldn't leave him out) have such a gift of conversation and easy going way about them. It was as if we'd always known eachother and this couldn't possibly be the first time we were meeting face to face. Maggie and Max took right to them and were on their best behaviour. We're so glad they decided to follow the Phillies (I think) and come see a game and take the time to visit us as well.

Thanks you two for a wonderful evening and a delicious dinner. Internet friends are awesome!
Good times and internet chats,

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Maile said...

I have to check out Switch. I've heard it's good. It's just hard because we have such an allegiance to Durant's and it's right next door!