Monday, June 25, 2012

A Father

So last Sunday was Fathers Day, in case you forgot.  I only got one wee shot, but at least we got that.

I made them all sit down right after church so we could have at least one shot of this handsome Daddy and his 3 kids.  And what a cute bunch they are.

The kids made Jere the SWEETEST little cards and at their summer school they made him a frame with the most beautiful picture of them ever.  They also drew him pictures and showered him with loves.  It was a pretty simple affair at our house.  I gave him a card, some i-tunes and I made him a killer turkey sandwhich for lunch.  What can I say, we had to head to my parents house and then we had rehearsal for our show.  There wasn't time for a fancy dinner.  Good thing that sandwhich was so delish!!

In the kids card, there were 3 spaces for them to say what their favorite thing about Dad was.

Maggie said:  You always give us kisses and hugs.
Max said:  When you play connect four and the trapping game with us
Both said:  Pinching our bums.  (You guys, my kids have the cutest ghetto booties ever, you can't HELP but pinch them)

We're so grateful for Jere and the good Daddy he is.  He definitely provides the fun in their lives.  He has the BEST ability to talk to them and help them learn and understand things.  He is so patient with middle of the night children, and so good at helping them and PLAYING with them.  I'm thankful that he is continuing his education so he has the best possible chances for providing for his family, and doing what he loves. And I'm thankful for his childlike heart that relates so well to our kids and for his partnership in this parenting endeavor.

Thanks Jer for being the best Father to your kids.

We love you!!!


The Bipolar Diva said...

you have a wonderful family!

✩Molly✩ said...

what a lovely tribute. Jere is awesome, no question! Happy Dad's day! I really need to do better about taking unannounced family photos of mine, as we have like, none. love ya.