Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dental Virgins no more!.

Can I just parents were/are awesome.  I can honestly not remember a time in my growing up life that we didn't get regular dental checkups, fillings, cleanings, etc.  Our teeth were taken care of.  And for that I'm very grateful.  Perhaps that attention is the ONLY thing keeping my scarey, traumatized teeth in my head.  I was NOT blessed with good teeth (thanks Mom).  Doesn't matter that I brush 3 times a day and floss.....and yet still cavities and broken teeth galore.  BUT, I digress, for my mouth is not what this is about.

Last week I FINALLY took my kids to the dentist for the first time (judge me not).  Maggie has had a visible cavity on her back molar for at least a year.  Maxs front teeth are all chippy and well, it was just beyond time.  But frankly, HOW do people ever afford to see a dentist.  No really...HOW?  There is a reason I haven't been to a dentist in at least 8 years.  They are insanely expensive and we have insanely NO money.  It sucks and if you must know, WHEN I win that ellusive lottery, I'm TOTALLY fixing my teeth first.


To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  As we all know, Max has a freakish phobia of all things doctor.  We tried to really talk it up and make it seem like a cool thing.  We mentioned prizes and toys for going and that seemed to work.

Upon arrival they were calm, cool and collected.  There were video games to play and puzzles.  The kids were most enamored with the little "vending" machines with prizes in them.  They wanted money for it and I told them if they did well I would give them some.

We were called back fairly quickly and I'm not gonna lie, our little hygenist was darling and soooo good with the kids.

Maggie was first.  Watching the TV above her head, waiting patiently.

Our cute hygenist giving her teeth a good cleaning.  Sure enough, TWO cavities.  She gets to go back next week for her fillings.  Hope she's as calm then.

Max pondering if he is gonna remain calm for this business.

Trying to act brave as we make jokes to help him relax for this "intrusive" teeth cleaning. 

He got a bit jumpy and freaked for a minute.  He didn't appreciate the spit sucker outer.  Seriously, WHAT am I gonna do when he has an actual cavity or something and needs numbing.  I think I'll have to insist on some halcion for that kid.  But over all...he did very well.  And NO cavities for him.  YAY!

The best part....they got a goody bag with stickers, a new toothbrush and toothpaste AND a token to buy a prize out of the machines out front.  AWESOME!  They were both so, so pleased with the whole thing.  Hoorah, looks like I'll be able to convince them to go back in 6 mos.

This little beauty just sweetly slept through it all.
She's a keeper, that's for sure!

Floss and fairies,



alison said...

amen on the cost of dental visits! we drive an hour to get to our dentist....whom we LOVE! but we found him after getting quoted almost TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS to fix one of hannah's teeth. this is a baby tooth, mind you. one that is going to fall out of her head regardless of the care and money put into it. austin was all, "ummm, no" to that bill and found our wonderful dr. bonnin. but it's STILL around $500 per cleaning visit....and that's just hkay and chan. this septemeber we have to add ava to the mix. fortunately, the school district offers up a dental plan...which wasn't really practical for just one kid, but it is DEFINITELY practical with three! yay for good visits for the MVPs....and hoping for a successful filling experience for maggie. maybe they can just give her one of those fabulous "cocktails" instead of a numbing shot.

The Atomic Mom said...

Don't feel bad about taking your kids...I have yet to take James. I know him enough to know that he'd have to be sedated and it's not worth that. Maybe when he's 5.

amy said...

We LOVE our dentist and his prices are very reasonable. He treats both adults and children. His name is Jared Williams on Brown between Horne and Stapley. The kids love getting prizes afterward and he has little kids, so he's very good with the kids.