Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A rare moment in time.....

ICK! I just have to say, I reallllllly don't like the "new look" of blogger, it drives me nuts and I can't find anything.  And yes, i realize I never write posts, so this is my problem. But still, I can complain if I want to.

So, what else is new....it's June which = the craziest month of my entire life.  I'm tired, I'm worn out, I'm overwhelmed and my house looks like an atomic bomb went off.  Pretty much the norm.

However....last Monday morning I found just enough time to make a "quick" trip to Costco for a stock up the pantry mission.  As we know, my kidlets lurve them some Costco and I made them SWEAR on their little lives that they would behave. And by behave I mean, stay by the cart, no running ahead, raising ruckus or begging me to buy something, or anything.  We were on a mission.

What can I say?  They delivered.  There was a little bit of "ice skating" on the concrete which ended with some falls, but nothing too bad. They did great and therefore earned a little lunch at the Costco "cafe" (we seriously love us some lunch there).

There we sat, the four of us lunching on our salad for me and pizza for them and delicious bottle for Mayzie.  The kids were uncharacteristically calm and GOOD! They actually just SAT there and ate.  They didn't fight, they didn't whine, they didn't jump up and down.  It was surreal actually.

About halfway through our lunching I noticed this lovely older woman looking our way.  She was sitting a table over and one up from us.  She was saying something to her cute little old husband.  When she caught my eye she said "they're so well behaved."  I laughed and said, "well at least this time they are." The cute man turned and said something, but to be honest, I have no idea what he said, I just smiled and nodded.  Anyway a few minutes later they got up to leave.  I noticed them whispering to eachother.  Next thing I knew, that adorable little ol' man in his shorts and knee socks walked over, reached in his pocket and placed a quarter in front of each of my kids and said "I think you two are pretty swell."  IT.WAS.AWESOME!  They hardly knew what to do with themselves.  Well fine, they pretty much  just didn't even really understand what had just happened.  All they saw was a big, shiny quarter, which equals MONEY for their piggy banks.

I tried to use it as a wee teaching moment.  You know....act good and behaved and you get rewarded.  I'm not sure it has sunk in.  But, it made this mama feel good none the less.

Lucky for you...I always have my camera.  So, here it is.....Our "rare moment in time."

Enjoying their smoothies

I especially love Max's pizza covered teeth in this shot. HA!
P.S. the shirts they're wearing are what they made in their summer preschool class.  FUN!

Days and moments like these make this whole parenting gig beareable.


Brittany Lew Whoo said...

i swear you have the most beautiful kids ever in the history of beautiful kids.

Amanda said...

seriously, i love the older generation. they really know how to make kids feel special. they know all the tricks from their youth and it just makes one feel good. your kids are awesome... for the rare moment in time! :) good job mommy!

✩Molly✩ said...

so cute! I was at Mcdonalds in Walmart with my kids one day and this old lady wanted to buy icecream cones for my kids, i allowed her to since it seemed to bring her such joy. I think this was more of a "cuteness reward" than a behavior reward for my girls, though. haha. Way to document these events, i need to take a lesson from you.