Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slices of Life

Again, since I uploaded pics, I figured I should just put a few pics in and give a cursory, summation of a few things that have gone down.

First of all.....Maggie graduated from Pre-school.  For reals this time, as in, never going back to preschool, but moving on to the big K.  I won't lie, I SUPER missed her teacher and school from the year before, 'cause it was soooo much cuter and they did more fun things.  BUT, Maggie had a great year.  She loved her friends and she did love her teacher.  Their "graduation" just left a bit to be desired.

Performing a cute little classroom song about fish or something.  They did a lot of songs at the end of each class.

Performing their special graduation song.

Proudly displaying their "diploma"

Maggie and her cute friend Claire.  We shared a carpool and I'm tellin you, these girls have a lot of sass.

Maggie and Miss Katie, her teacher.  Katie had JUST had a baby about 2 weeks prior.  So, she came back just for the graduation.  She was cute, 'cause she was totally post baby and cried everytime she mentioned the year with the kids. haha

Nothing I love more than a Daddy and the sleeping baby pic.  She spends many a morning snuggling with Daddy after she's been fed.  Aaack, I just can't handle the cute.

We had a rare moment where we were actually completely free and had nothing going on one Saturday.  So, Jere decided to have a "family fun day".  He took the kids to the store and bought snacks, let them choose a movie to rent and then he created an elaborate bed like seating situation out of all the couch cushions so all could snuggle and watch the movie together.  The kids LOVED it.  And mostly, I think they were just so happy to get to spend time with Daddy.  They don't get a lot of time with him.  Even Mayzie got in on the action.

One day Maggie wanted to "model" her outfit.  Coincidentally, it was a done hair day, which is rather rare and exciting.  And by model, I do mean she wanted to MODEL....she came up with these awesome poses all on her own.  I especially love the spoon.  She was quite pleased that she thought of it and made SURE i took a picture of her holding the spoon just so.  That girl is so crazy.

Speaking of crazy.....I truly hope this current phase of awful that she's in will actually go away.  The very mention of doing her hair sends her into fits of rage and insanity.  There is screaming, there is bawling, fighting, laying on the floor pounding the fists and feet, bargaining, refusal, you name it. And that's just MY side of it.  No, no I kid, it's all her!   It truly takes EVERYTHING I have to remain anywhere resembling calm to get through these moments.  For the most part, I let her go around looking like an orphan with mangey hair because the fights aren't worth it.  BUT, there ARE occassions where having her hair done is just not up for discussion.  Church mornings are the suck. 

So, the other day I had the gall, the audacity to put her hair in a ponytail, because she had sworn to me the day before that I could do it and she wouldn't fight.  Liar liar pants on fire!  So, I did the pony after MUCH shrieking, head jerking and fighting.  She was beside herself.  This was the WORST thing I've ever done to her.  I heard her say...."I just can't take it anymore, I can't take it.  This is nothing but a BIG disaster."  So sorry kid, guess you've got a lot more disasters to look forward too,'cause I ain't giving up the battle just yet.  Serenity NOW!

I'll just leave you with this.  Mayzie on her 2 mo. birthday.  She is truly the sweetest baby EVER!  And she's so full of smiles and happiness. We're so thankful she came to live at our house.

Life at warp speed,



Rita Templeton said...

Good grief - you just had to end up with that pic of Mayzie, and now I just can't handle the cute. :)

So have you thought about telling Maggie that after she does her hair, she can model while you snap a few pics? Maybe that would be a good incentive, seeing as the girl knows how to work the camera(the spoon pic is priceless!). I mean, it may take you a few extra minutes, but probably no more time than you'd spend dealing with the tantrums.

The Atomic Mom said...

Jeffrey just told me he loves Mayzie. :)