Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Family Car

Well, it's official. We are now the typical Mormon family. All that's missing now is the trampoline! Yep, we went out yesterday and purchased our first mini-van! It was a smokin' deal too! We got a 2007 Honda Oddesey that only had 83 miles on it! No, seriously, it only had 83 miles on it! It's white and has tan interior and is a dream to drive! We love it!! Here is a link so you can see the pictures of it if you want to, and you know you want to. So, now we're back to being a two car family again! WOOT! I now have complete control of the Sonata and Allyson has the van. We're thinking about personalized plates. For the van I like: VANPATN and for my car I want PMP DADY. Fun right? Allyson has other things in mind. I also fought for MR V and MRS V but was shot down on those too. We'll see - maybe she'll win and we'll get something totally lame for the van - but damn it, I want a personalized plate for ME!! Maybe JTH for "Jere the Hottie." hahahahahahahahahahaha

In other news, our neice Breckyn graduated from Gilbert High School the other night. It was POURING RAIN the whole time and FREEZING COLD. We weren't there of course, but we heard all about it from those who did. That sucks so bad for those poor graduates, the band and parents/family that have to sit out in that yuckiness. Nonetheless she's off to college now and I couldn't be happier. She's been my favorite for as long as I can remember - which is horrible to say, I know, but it's true. Now there's Tatum and Brooklyn who are neck and neck with her. UGH! I wish people would stop having so many great kids so it'd make this whole favorites process easier on me. hahaha

That's pretty much it from me for now. I'm sure Allyson will be on here later with lots to share. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Be safe and happy! Blog with ya soon. . .

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