Monday, May 26, 2008

Just some Odds and Ends

Well Jere stole my thunder and wrote about our new van, so I guess I'll just post a few pics of Miss Maggie 'cause they're cute and I can. I finally figured out how to upload some pictures, resize them and get them ready to put on here. I feel so cool really, hahaha. Also, I want to update on my Dad a little bit.
I spent all of last week as the "dadsitter", just me and the girls, wiling away the hours and Dads house, making sure he didn't answer the phone or door, and that he was ok. Frankly, we only really saw him on 1 or 2 days, 'cause the rest of the time he spent in bed. He's realllllly struggling with this recovery. He's still in a lot of pain, and it doesn't seem to be getting all that much better. Mom is worried that he may have some kind of infection where one of his staples was removed, it's really been giving him fits. He was "up" enough one day to play be 5 games of Boggle and then go out to his computer, but that nearly did him in and he had to sleep the rest of the day. It's hard to see him suffering so much, and not getting better. I know he's sooo sick of being sick and he's losing his mind being so STUCK in the house. This man is a man on the go, and not being able to do anything or leave for so long is really getting to him. He's s'posed to be leaving on the 9th for 2 weeks in Pennsylvania, right now we're questioning whether or not that will really happen. So anyway, the process is slow, but I do think he IS getting better day by day. Please just remember him in your prayers and thoughts.
Ok, picture time for Maggie, these are just a few of the latest pics of her that cracked me up, or were cute. Hang on, she's busy yelling at me right now. In the last week and a half she has finally figured out how to pull herself up completely and scoot around all the furniture. It's so fun to see her being mobile, especially because it makes her so happy and pleased to do it. She has even stood on her own a couple of times. Of course she didn't know it, and I was right there to save her, but it was fun to see. This whole parenting thing is the coolest, seeing all their latest milestones is just so fun. I can't wait for her to really start talking. Although, she does say yeah, and shake her head yes everytime we ask her a relative question. "Maggie, do you want to eat some lunch?" ::shakes her head yes and says yeah Pretty much she's genius. hahahahah, I KID!!
Ok, so let's get some pics here:

Look what Maggie has learned to do. I remember, this is NOT my favorite phase, since it requires all this cleanup. But, it sure was cute, 'cause she was having a GREAT time. Too bad there is no way to lock my cabinet.

This is a little game she likes to play called "pull off the headband and rip off the bow". The funny thing is, she'll just sit there with her headband covering her eyes like that forever. It cracks me up, but only if we're not trying to go somewhere right then. I mean, a girl has GOT to learn to leave her pretties on for public appearance.

A "charming" self portrait I took of Mags and I. At least you can see I exist, and not just the cute baby. That is Jeres hand in the background, don't know what he was doing.

This was during "dadsitting", Brooklyn and Dane were so cute, just rolling the ball back and forth to eachother, having the time of their lives. Maggie was having her own great time playing with the wooden spoon. I love that at this age they can play with a piece of paper and be completely entertained forever. Ok, the next on is the last pic, I swear.

My recital was last Saturday, and it was right during her naptime. She held it together really well for a long time, but finally got a little fussy. So, my good pal Jenny D took her in the hall and walked her around in her stroller. It worked, she fell fast asleep for the rest of the recital and the refreshments afterward. Seriously, is there ANYTHING cuter than a sleeping baby? I thought not!
Well folks, that's it for now. I'm off to put Maggs down for a nap and begin the hideous process of scrubbing this house, as it's been TOO long since I've bothered to dust. Then maybe later we'll go out for a drive in our awesome mormonmobile and enjoy the day.
Peace to all


Mel said...

We are praying for your dad.
Maggie is so dang cute! We miss you guys.

Livin' Wright said...

So... Turns out Allyson has a "Y" in her name, not an "I". It took me forever to figure that out! Maggie is Seriously so stinkin Cute, Nixon is doing the same thing with the DVD's and I can't stand it!

Mel said...

I love that you call it the mormonmobile. I have a can of bread if you're interested ;)