Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kiddie Kandids Take TWO

Well folks, we made our way back to the naughty kiddie kandids, and I'll let you be the judges. I think the second round went MUCH better. In fact, I actually purchased these pictures. This particular shot the photographer told me she was going to enter it into a contest. How fun for me, and my cute baby. She really is great, but it was like pulling teeth to get good shots and getting her to smile. OY!
Go ahead, tell me how freaking adorable this outfit is. It was the first gift Maggie received, from a total stranger that was in Jeres math class last summer. The crocks kill me!

Ahhh, kids are so fun!! I love this girl so much it's almost ridiculous!!!

Ok, in other news, my Dad is finally out of the hospital and he's doing much better. He's still in a lot of pain, but he's getting around, and definitely on the mend. The best news is, the pathology report came back and while it WAS cancer, and an aggressive form, they caught it before it had spread, and they can't find it anywhere else in the surrounding area. He doesn't have to do chemo or anything. So, we are extremely grateful for the wonderful news, and for all of the prayers and good thoughts sent our way.

My recital was today and it went very well. I'm so proud of all my kids and all their hard work. I actually videoed it this year so I can have some documentation of my kids and their progress. I'm so glad to have it out of the way, it was a stressful morning. Thank goodness for Jere, he really helped me out so much. He made my whole program, and then when they wouldn't copy this morning, he had to run to Kinkos and got them copied, helped me carry everything in, and get set up. He's a lifesaver, and I want him to know I appreciate him and his hard work.

Well, my brother Porter and sis. in law Lana moved away's really one of the saddest days of my life. They've been our next door neighbors for 4 years, and truly our best friends. We hung out all the time, they were ALWAYS at our house. We watched all our shows together, we babysat, we shared meals, etc. If I ever needed anything, I could just run next door and borrow it. I'm having a VERY hard time even dealing with the thought of them not being there. I mean, I'm happy for them to be moving into their own house, and having their own larger space. But seriously, we feel abandoned and sad around here without them. I'm gonna miss Tatum coming over to tell me she's sick of being young, and she's ready to be a grown up, or to just hang out and play with Maggie. I'll miss Dane and all his obnoxious screaming. I will just miss them so much! And the crazy thing is, Jere may be sadder than me. Ummm, have I mentioned I do NOT deal well with change? Yeah, it's true, I don't deal, it sucks!!! So, catch ya later P & L. Boo hoo!

And with that, I must be off. Gotta go get Jere some new jeans, and then go play with all our friends for Ivan's big graduation party. Yea Ivan!!!

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alison said...

Allyson,Jere & Maggie,

So glad to have found your blog! You are always on our mind and we have been dying to catch up with you. What an adorable little girl you have! Please keep in touch--We'd love to chat:)
alison adams