Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bows and Boo boos

It's Saturday night, and frankly, I didn't know what to do with myself. It was wierd. 6:00 rolled around, Jere was at work, Julie went off to the hospital and it was me and the kidlets. All I could think was...."what now?" Normally I'm just fine with sitting at home and doing nothing. But for some reason, I couldn't face it tonight. My DVR is FULL of all my reality goodies that NEED me to watch them, my kitchen is a mess, my bedroom is reprehensible, there was much to do, but NOT tonight. I felt like my kids needed to get out and play somewhere else. So, what did I do? I drove over to my sisters house and sat on her bed whilst she went through her entire closet and weeded out all her too big clothes. Seriously, she looks amazing, but it makes me sad that one, she has SO MANY FREAKING clothes, and two that they're all too big, and I just feel fat, fat, fatty. But, that's neither here nor there. Point is, I sat on the bed, expressed my opinions on clothes and my kids played happily for an hour or so. By the end Max was D-O-N-E, DONE! I loaded up the screaming kids, and headed out. The whole drive home Maggie kept saying.."Allyson (yes she INSISTS on calling me by that these days) I'm so tiiiiiired, I want my nummy and night night." Max just screamed at the top of his lungs, which being translated meant, "I'm soooooo tired you rude woman, take me home and give me my night night." Don't worry, I totally know how to speak Max. Oh brother, this is really a lot of dumb exposition to simply say, I didn't know what to do with myself, and now I still don't, so I'm doing an entry on truly nothing. I have so many pictures that I take and then don't use, or mean to use, etc. So, here goes BOWS:

One morning I looked up and these silly girls looked like this. They had taken all of Brooklyns bows out of her bag and decorated up their heads. Maggies made almost a perfect hat, and it cracked me up. In this picture I was TRYING to direct them to pose a certain way. Unfortunately, modeling is NOT in these girls future. They have no ability to follow my brilliant direction. Good thing they're cute.

In other news....if you didn't already know....Jeres Mom is in the hospital after what can only be described as a TRAGIC accident of epic proportions. It seems that she was innocently trying to go to breakfast last Sunday when gravity had different plans. She began to lose her balance on a step and in the shortest explanation possible, she caught air and landed at the curb, in the process fracturing her left wrist, breaking her right shoulder, spraining her knee and bruising all her ribs. The break was severe enough that she required shoulder replacement surgery. She's still in the hospital and will be for awhile. And when they finally release her, she'll be released to a nursing home for rehab, which will probably be at least 2 months. It's a nightmare really, in so many ways. But, the good news is, she came through the surgery and she seems to be doing fairly well, other than the fact that she doesn't breathe (rib pain) and is on constant oxygen. Sooooooo, the other day we got the kids together and had them make her some get well cards. It was actually a fun, sweet little project to do. It made me realize that I really should spend a little more hands on time with my kids, it really means a lot to them.

Jere is asking Maggie what she wants to say on the card here. It went a little something like this: "Get better soon. I love you. Get better gramma. I love you lot gramma Peg."

Max is signing his card for Gramma. It was so cute; When he wasn't eating the crayon that is.

Working hard on their drawings, and loving words. Needless to say Gramma loved her get well cards.
Ribbons and arm braces,


LanaBanana said...

Even if it was a post about nothing (which totally isn't true), it was a good one. The pictures of the get-well card extravaganza are really cute. Hope Grandma Peg gets better soon!

✩Molly✩ said...

:) I really liked this post. This evening of yours, sounds like every day in my life :) I especially liked the part about how your kids broke down cause they wanted to be in bed. I can relate to this too, now with our newly found sleep schedule. I am a bit Jealous that Brooklyn owns so many adorable hairbows!

I'm wishing those clothes your sister were getting rid of, were my size, lol, but, I also, am fat. :P

Its naptime at our house right now, giving me the lovely occasion to read your blog. I wanted to offer my services for your blog makeover... free of charge...

I will bring my energetic, clingy 2 yr old over to your house with me anytime is good for you, (mornings after 930 are best for us) and I will help you make yours the cutest blog on the block lol, no pun intended, I'll even bring my handy dandy laptop so that I can MAKE you a beautiful header if you want me to... what do you think of that?

if you would rather us not come over, I also would be willing to take your login info and just fix it up for you whenever you feel like a change, just give me an idea of the colors you like, and email me the picture you want up... to


alison said...

This post is what I think blogging is all about. Who says we have to have a 'moment' or an "occassion" to blog about anyways? It's the little stuff we love to hear and read about and remember! THanks for sharing a day in the life of the VanPatten household!