Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Plea, if you will...

Ok, people, I NEED HELP! I can not take my blog background for one more second! I seriously need someone to come over and help me make mine even remotely as cute as yours. How can I put a pic up as my header? How can I change it all without losing any of my stuff. I tried to change it once and it didn't work and was disastrous. But seriously, Julie called me out months ago about my ugly blog. So, hey come to think of it, Julie, come to think of it, yours is pretty cute, COME HELP ME if you're so insulted by my hideousness!

My clever wit can only get me so far don't ya know.

Anyway, I'm NOT kidding! Me, NEED HELP, STAT!

Yours ever so gratefully,



jen said...

Come over some day and I'll be happy to help you!

Steph said...

Copy and paste free backgrounds. Tons of cute ones. Only way I know how to do anything. :)

The Fischbeck's said...

Ditto on the cutest blog on the block for a new background! They make life E-Z!

Headers are a different story, you should be able to upload a photo to your header no problem!

For a fancier header you would need to create it somewhere else and then save it as a jpeg and then upload it.

But your clever wit HAS gotten you far my friend. Even though I called you out on needing to update, I OBVIOUSLY keep coming back for more and more! Ü

Come on, it's not the outward appearance that matters---blah, blah!

The Fischbeck's said...


Call me ANYTIME and I will walk you through any of it!

The Atomic Mom said...

I actually prefer Aqua Poppy for cute blog backgrounds.

There is also Delightful Dots

Scrap-E Blogs:

LeeLou Blogs:

Hot Bliggity Blogs:

These are my faves anyway.

Most of these blog backgrounds require you to switch your template on the blogger platform to the Minimia template. Then you add the 'Add HTML/JAVA' gadget to the layout then you paste in the code for the background you want. They all have these same instructions but better too.

i can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Dixiechick said...

I see that you have still not gotten any help or had the time to use offered help. You've done more with yours than I have, except no top picture, so I'm probably not much help. I can't figure it out either.

Anonymous said...

good, i just made many another emo backgrounds on my blog