Friday, November 6, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch and some more Halloween wrap up

So, I feel a little lied to, a bit let down if you will, and here is why:
Last year, after reading everyones blogs about how they took their kids to the pumpkin patch and it was fun, etc. It looked fun, it looked like a great time was there to be had by all (trickery and lies). So I promised myself, and therefore my children that I would be the good Mommy this year and take them to the land o' the pumpkins. Frankly, I'd completely forgotten about it until one day late in October I happened to drive by Mother Nature's Farm and went..."CRAP, pumpkin patch, kids, must go." I was determined to make this happen dangit, my kids would get their great pumpkin adventure or else. So, I mentioned it to Lana and made a date. The Friday arrived and by this time I'd turned it into a sister party. All were on board to come, except Jenny, since she was at work. I DID invite Troy to bring Brooklyn, but his lazy kiester refused. Anyway, day of "the patch" arrived and wouldn't you know, it happened to be one of Maggies be awake all night days. Needless to say she was a bit of a BEAST all morning long. Jere finally put her in bed, in a time out and OF COURSE she fell dead asleep just about 10 minutes before we needed to leave. UGH! But, I had already invited everyone, plans were made, lunches were made, there were pumpkins to be had. So, I sadly had to awaken miss thang and take her on our "great adventure". She was none to pleased, as you can imagine. And, to top it all off, it was FREAKING hot that day too. Oh well, we were gonna GO to the Pumpkin Patch dammit, 'cause I SWORE that I would. So, off we went.

Dixie and I were the first to arrive, so we took pics. Sorry to the rest of you suckers. Maggie, Morgan, Max and Owen. Pretty cute little foursome.

A sort of shot of our "hay ride". Now, I ask you...does a hay ride only consist of putting bales of hay on the back of a truck? 'Cause I'm telling you this, next year, I'll just throw some in the back of my dads truck and drive around the neighborhood. It'd be FAR better than this travesty of a "ride" where the scenery was garbage, mud and industrial parks. SERIOUSLY. Also, at this time Maggie was having a meltdown because I wouldn't let her go on the jumpy thing.

Max really, really, REALLY loved his pumpkin. He held it oh so carefully the whole time. I let Maggie pick it out for him. HEY, if he'd just stop refusing to walk, he'd get to pick out his own darn pumpkin.

Maggie showing off her pumpkin find. She ultimately picked a good one, but there were a few scarey first choices along the way.

Be sure to click on this one and really look at her face. She was Pessed (subbing the I there) that she couldn't get on the jumpy thing RIGHT THAT SECOND! Luckily, one hay ride and pumpkin find later, she was ok. Oh, and WHAT was the sorry excuse for a petting zoo? I don't know, i guess perhaps I'm just a crotchety old bag, but I expected a bit more out of this experience than I got. I think it's safe to say I shant be returning and forkiing over 7 bucks again next year. For that kind of cash, i'll just buy the kids a few big pumpkins, throw them in the backyard and let them "pick" them there. Oh, and the aforementioned drive around my parents neighborhood in grampas truck of course. I'm just sayin.
A week or so later it was time for the preschool Halloween party. I'm here to tell you Miss Ranelle does it up RIGHT! She does not mess around; there were jumpies and cotton candy, and snow cones and cookie decorating and booths to play games, etc. It was really quite the set up.

Here are the five kiddos of our fam that all get to go to preschool together every week. How fun is that. Morgan the spider, Owen the I don't know what, Jayce the Ironman, Dane the fantastic four guy and Brooklyn as Belle. Too bad i didn't get a picture with Brooklyn and Maggie together, as they are the most princessy princesses EVER! On an unrelated note, I might just shoot myself if I have to listen to those girls and their crazy girl hormones battle and fight one second longer. OY!

Brooklyn all dressed and ready to go. Not gonna lie, not my best hair and make up day for her. But, at least we got it done.

Showing off her finished cookie product. She may or may NOT have dumped the ENTIRE thing of orange sugar sprinkle all over her cookie and plate. OOPS!

I just got a kick out of her cotton candy beard. Directly after tasting this and me taking this pic, she declared it was disgusting and she didn't like cotton candy. Unbelievable! I love that stuff, I really do.

I caught Maggie at the cookie table, helping herself to some delicious cookie contraband. I have a little sugar fiend on my hands. Since Halloween we have two issues. One, she tells me EVERY DAY that she's "gonna be cinderella". Apparently the memo has not sunk in that Halloween is over. Her Cinderella days are over. And secondly, she generally begins each morning with a request for a sucker. And when she's feeling especially forward, she'll get the bucket herself and tell me she's gonna HAVE a sucker. Luckily, she has no desire or recollection that she got a bucket of candy of her own and has never asked for that. So, we'll stick with dum dums for now.
All in all, the "fall" (snort, as if you can call it that here) Halloween season was a success for my kids. And for that, I'm grateful.
Pumpkins and wiggles,


The Brinkerhoff's said...

BOO HARMONY FARM! They are not worth the time, money and energy!! I should have warned you

jen said...

Wow. Today's entry is one of the reasons that I love you! Tell it like it really is. Because so many things we do with our kids just plain suck.
I'm still laughing!

Sarah S. Foote said...

You got great pictures! I totally agree about the pumpkin patches!

Anonymous said...

ha ha haaa! and here i was feeling so guilty that my kids were picking their pumpkins out of the bin at safeway while everyone else went to fancy pants farms or whatever. glad i can get over that (at least until next year, right? ;) )--thanks to you! and your commenters. that's freaking hilarious.


Melissa said...

Oh, awesome. I'm glad you found me, because you are HILARIOUS. Now I don't feel so guilty for skipping the patch, you did a great job at recapping why I don't take my kids into public often. :)

alison said...

what beautiful weather for a pumpkin patch visit! I also love our idea of simplicity! Often I find I could do better for less if I just did it myself! Good luck with your plans next year!