Monday, November 23, 2009

When Thank You...edited

Ok, OK people you want to see pictures of all these clothes, but here is the deal. I only look good from the boobs up, let's be honest. AND, I sort of forgot to take pics of most of them while they were still sparkly and new. AND I thought I was so clever and I found pics of them online and saved them, but something happened and now none of them will show up. SO, what I'm trying to say is, sorry, but the pickins are slim. I've got a couple of shots and I do promise that I WILL take a pic in the fabo dress and post that one of these days. Until then, these will have to suffice.

I TOLD you so. Maggs was QUITE enamored of these fun new shoes. Aren't they cute? I sort of wear them all the time now. Who knew.
She's turned a corner on smiling for the camera. Never mind that she's all squishy faced about it. At least she WANTS to smile.

Purple ruffle front shirt and new jeans. If I could just lop off the belly, all would be well in the world. Snort, that's a lie. I'd need to lop off the arm fat, fill and lift the boobs, tuck the legs, oh it could go on for days.

This is the grey shirt, also bought in orange. Note the cute ruffle collar.

I am highly in love with this shirt...flattering and comfortable. It's part knit, part cotton, totally strange, and yet it works.
Ok all, hope that satisfies you for now.
Bellies and butts,


Jenn C. said...

Fun new clothes and shoes! You look so great!

Sabrina Bodine said...

You look SO good!!!! You have always been an awesome dresser. I was shocked when I heard you didn't like to shop. You are a pro:)

Andrea said...

You look FABULOUS!