Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meh, and a couple of lists...

Le Sigh....yet ANOTHER pointless, money spending holiday is upon us. I really, really could do without Valentines Day, it's just...well, for lack of a better word..dumb. I am NOT a romantic. I mean, if you scrub my toilet, or fold the laundry, or pick up your side of the room without me asking, or watch the kids so I can do something in peace, well then you have my undying love. However, if you want to give me flowers, or chocolates or ::shudder:: jewelry, then I might like to kick you. I have NO USE for useless things. Therefore, no use for this overdone, ridiculous, mush fest of a "holiday." And, I promise that even if I had oodles of money to spend, I STILL would not care for this particular day. I know, I sound like such a bitter Betty. And really, last year I got PUT.IN.MY.PLACE over it. But as I was getting ready yesterday afternoon my inner monologue was something like this:

"Oh hey, it's s'posed to be stupid Valentines and I honestly haven't thought of it once. I don't even have a card, nor do I care. I'm a bad person. No I'm not, it's a bad holiday. Who is the world to make me feel guilty?"

Yep, that was my thought process. we all know, Jere Hates, HAtes, HATES this aspect of me. I ruin his joy because I don't WANT, nor NEED anything, especially because it costs money. And he wants and "needs" everything, ALL the time. So, I decided to compile a list. A list of "if money were NO object, this is what I'd want/get" kind of list. This way, he can look at it and know that at least I DO have a list. This list will be followed closely by, if I were to win the lottery, this is how I'd spend it list. Pretty exciting huh?


1. I would get massages weekly

2. I'd go to the chiropractor weekly

3. I'd have a facial once a month

4. I would get pedicures maybe twice a month.

5. I would buy out Milanos of every music book I ever wanted or needed.

6. I'd get really nice running shoes, ones that didn't give me blisters.

7. Oh, excuse me, this would be NUMBER ONE, I would get laser hair removal, allll over. I mean, you're all aware of my tragice "beard" situation, but I want to get rid of all over unsightly hair.

8. Perfume, good expensive perfume. Oh wait, it's ALL expensive, unless youre getting the poo smell of exclamation. hehe

9. My piano tuned and fixed.

10. LOTS of year supply.

11. My van cleaned and detailed on a regular basis.

12. Voice lessons. I know, weird for me to say, but you can never really stop learning, and I need to USE my voice other than teaching.

13. I'd want to travel to New York and see shows. And well, just travel.

14. A new bed.

15. A house cleaner, someone that would come in twice a month and do the DEEP cleaning. I've got the other stuff covered just fine.

16. A really great photo session of my kids with a great photographer.

17. Go out to dinner. We really don't do it very often at all.

18. New Swim suit(s). Do you EVEN know how ridiculously expensive they are? Seriously 100 bucks. SO DUMB!

19. A set of Calphalon cookware. (drool)

20. All new towels, really NICE towels, bath and kitchen. It never ceases to amaze me just how expensive towels are.

21. New Kitchen table and chairs.

22. New couches.

Well, good enough for now. Let it be known, there ARE things I like, and or could use, just if "money were no object."

So, let's discuss my next list. If I were to win the lottery...first of all, I have rules and stipulations regarding the lottery. I won't even consider playing unless it's above 100 million. Whatever, don't judge me if I play. I don't, well I have, but I don't, but I might again. Preferably it's in the 150 to 200 million range. I mean c'mon, the last guy who won 147 million, his take home, after taking lump sum and taxes was a mere 49 million, or something like that. So,you can see, no need to mess around with this piddly 30 million jackpot. I've got NEEDS, desires, things to do people. So, if you're gonna dream, DREAM BIG!


1. MOST IMPORTANT, I'd pay off EVERY ounce of debt I have. I mean, down to the many pennies I owe ANYONE, forgotten or otherwise. I can't even imagine the feeling of joy of being debt free.

2. I'd set up a scholarsip fund in my name at ASU for Music Theatre studens. It's freaking hard to be in that program, expected to be in shows all the time, not really able to work, and live. There are not enough scholarships for the arts.

3. I'd give my parents a crap load of money, 'cause they deserve it, and they've done soooo much for me.

4. I'd give each of my siblings a huge lump sum, depending on what my winnings were would depend on said lump sum.

5. I'd set up big trust/college funds for my kids.

6. I'd buy a house, OF COURSE!

7. I would decorate said house any way I wanted. Which means I could shop for DAYS at all my favorite home stores and be guilt free. More importantly, I'd get to decorate, which we all know is my joy!

8. I'd get a huge mamber jamber copy machine, industrial size, so I could make all the copies I ever needed.
9. We'd get Jere a truck. He DREAMS of having a big truck.
10. I'd buy a big apartment in New York, that way we could go visit/stay anytime we wanted, and my friends or family could use it if and when they ever went out to New York.
11. I'd get allllll the dental work done that I need to. Like all new teeth really. But, that is another post altogether.
12. Travel.
13. I'd get a tummy tuck, boob job, arms, all of it. WHAT? You lose 200 lbs., have 2 kids, gain weight, lose weight, and then talk to me about how your body looks. There is A LOT of work that needs to be done here. But most important of all is this belly. OY!
14. Savings, invest, savings, invest.
15. New computers
16. New TV
17. I would so take care of all my friends that have been so kind to us. From footing the bill at dinners to getting them things they might need.
18. I'd probably do a lot of anonymous, secret donating. See, you might not know this, but I am a giver. I LIKE to give, and I USED to do it A LOT. But, when money became SUCH an issue in life, I retreated. I hate feeling like I'm selfish, or that I only receive. I WANT to GIVE!
19. I'd buy a cabin in GREER! A really, really nice, HUGE cabin that could accommodate my entire family.
20. I'd spend my summers in Greer and Pennsylvania with my parents at their new house that they can build because I gave them money.
21. I'd buy a really nice road bike for triathlons.
22. Every bit of year supply that I could get, and emergency preparedness stuff. I want to know that we will be prepared when the time comes. Including, wheat grinders, generators, water filters, etc.
Ok, good enough for now. I had to think hard to get that much. Mostly, more than anything else, I just want to lift the weight of debt. I really don't need much, just peace of mind.
And so, off I go to earn a buck, pay a bill and dream a little dream.
Hearts and mush,


LadyCarma said...

Nice list! Now, get pictures of each of the items on your list and make a "mind movie" of it, play it with a selected music background and watch it morning and night for a month or two. Watch what the mind can do. Doubt it? It worked for me. Try it.

Greg and Tammy said...

Fun lists... I'd have to say that if I had lists like that, mine would be EERILY similar. Wish I could win the lottery for you and give you every thing your heart desires.

PS - You don't even like Valentines for the overload of conversation hearts? :)

Jenn C. said...

I love your lists. Mine would have many of the same things but would mention lifetime passes to Disneyland! :)
I am with you on thinking that this day is highly over rated!

Good luck on winning the lottery!!!

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I'm with you on the debt-free thing. It is my ultimate dream/goal.

Dana said...

mostly just "ditto". But, I'm with Carma.....she's got the truth there. If you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it. Pretty sure dad believes that too. :-)

DianD said...

Amen to your lists, Amen to Lady Carma's suggestion, Amen to Dana's "Pretty sure dad believes that too," but add POSITIVE that Mom KNOWS it's true, too! There is NO freedom like being debt free, even if it means doing without for years to achieve it! AND freedom is the greatest gift of all, because then we can not only dream, but we can achieve! You are a giver and though you may be low on $$$$, you are still giving and that's awesome! Valentines day???? I love fresh flowers, but luckily Dad doesn't just limit those to Valentines Day. The rest of your sentiments are mine, too. Wonder where you got that side of you! :)
Love ya! Here's to your heart's desires being fulfilled!

The Atomic Mom said...

I have to say, I agree with you whole heartedly about Valentines Day. Joseph kept feeling bad that he didn't get me anything. So finally I just said, he could rub my feet and we'd call it good. It was good.

jen said...

I can't believe I missed this post somehow. Love it. I'm still trying to picture Jere in a big truck. Hmmmm. :)
And can I stay in your NY apt? Please?