Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here's the Deal...

So, the thing is...I have so MANY things rolling around in my head, so MANY topics I want to vent about, discuss, etc. that I just end up NOT writing anything. Well, add on the fact that I'm just freaking tired, and i feel like I don't have the time to sit and devote to a well thought out post, and well, you get silence from yours truly. I know right? You miss me terribly and cry every day that I don't have an update. Well whatever...then prove it. Beg for my return people, BEG for it. Ok, I kid. But, here it is 9:15ish on a Wed. night and I just caught a second wind. I mean seriously, at 6:00 when I needed to head out to fill the water jugs (MAN I HATE that job) I had a total crash. I seriously laid down on the couch with Maggie snuggled into me and Max meandering around the room, intermitently playing and bawling for about an hour. Finally, with Max DYING to go to bed, I summoned up enough strength to get him ready and in bed and Maggie pj'd up and back to snuggle on the couch. Max fell dead asleep at 7:00 and Maggie ate a brownie for dinner and snuggled up to me. I know, judge away. She was NOT intersted in the delicious dinner I made and offered her earlier. She's sick today, had a random fever and just was clingy. Who am I to deny girl a brownie if that is what she wants? Anywho, she and I "watched" an episode of Ellen and then she watched Little Einsteins while I again fell asleep. When that was over I gave her some motrin, filled her sippy and carried her off to bed. I ate a brownie, sat down on the couch to read my workout for the day tomorrow, catch up on world events, play on facebook, and now here I am. Because frankly, I'm far to STUPID to just go to bed at a decent hour. So anyway.....topic numero UNO...


For enquiring minds...I am back at the gym. I'm in my second week and I can not even begin to tell you what happiness and joy this brings me. No really, it's AMAZING to me what a difference getting up and going to work out really makes in my life. I'm signed up at 24 hour fitness, just down the road from me. I LURVE IT! I especially love the indoor pool, because those swim workouts last year, whilst memory making with Dixie, were NOT fun in the outdoor pool at the Y. But, here is what I really want to say.

I was really and truly in a downward depression spiral. I found myself on more than one morning just laying on my bed, while the kids did whatever they wanted to the house, and just wallowing. I would sleep, or try to sleep, or just lay there in a funk. That is NOT me. I NEVER go back to bed once the kids are up. I NEVER just lay around while they have their way with things. I felt like a sloth. I could actually "hear myself getting fatter." But, I felt stuck. I am someone who NEEDS a place to be, and machines and bikes, and warmth. I tried a little to go out by myself around here, but it's cold and dark and scarey to be running/walking alone at 5:30 a.m. So anyway, my amazing family to the rescue once again. Happy Birthday to me, I get to go to the gym for 8 months. There are NO words to describe the joy I feel. I genuinely love getting up at that UnGODLY hour and going to work out. I love the feeling of sweating and knowng that I'm doing something good for myself. I LOVE being up that early and ready for the day. It has made everything so much better for the last 2 weeks. I have accomplished more, I'm happier, it's just bliss. I NEVER, EVER thought I would be that person. The one who NEEDED to work out to feel happy or fulfilled or whatever. But, I AM! I actually WISH I could stay longer at the gym and just keep working and working. I'm so excited to do Sherox again this year, and I'm totally working toward that. It feels good to be back in the pool, to get my "run" on again, 'cause goodness knows I have regressed A LOT there! I'm just missing my tri group and all our challenges from last year, that's all I'm missing. The only sucky thing about this is...I've delightfully GAINED six pounds in ONE WEEK since starting to workout. What the HELL? If it doesn't improve after this week, I'm seriously gonna go with the "I have a tumor" option. But anyway, I'm happy there, glad to be back, looking forward to Sherox and actual days of accomplishment again. Anyone out there want to come and do a tri with me? Want to create our OWN tri group? We can revisit all of Dixies challenges from last year. It's just so nice to have people to report to and work on things together. Goodness knows, I NEED to lose a buttload of weight, so that my hideous BUTT front will decrease! I don't want to have another kid until I lose all this poundage! What do you say? You know you wanna do it!

Jere...vanity is thy name:

Well folks, Jere has reached that stage of post gastricness where you become totally "vain" and obsessed with your looks. It's not just him, it's all of us who have gone through a huge transformation so fast. I mean really, when you go from insanely FAT to normal, and you can suddenly buy clothes at normal stores and you feel good, you get a little obsessive. I know for me, suddenly I couldn't get enough jewelry, necklaces, 'cause I had a collar bone, earings, RINGS...just wanted to accesorize myself. And I would look in the mirror all the time, making sure I looked ok. So anyway, Jere is at that point. He will lament how "fat" he looks, pull his extra belly fat up and down (there is a lot of that when you lose 150 lbs. in 8 months), or just stare at himself in certain outfits and talk about how "hot" he is. It's funny, wierd, annoying, funny and just something you can't quite get unless you've "been there." Anyway,he's all obsessive about clothes, as in, he wants them, and lots of them. So, we wanderd over to Kohl's last week and used some of his financial aide money to get him some new clothes. Why this ridiculously huge buildup? Because....we got him a pair of Sunday pants for FIVE dollars and FIFTY cents. You read that right, FIVE freaking dollars for a pair of pants. It was the GREATEST day EVER! We also got quite a few nice shirts for el cheapo too. Man, normal sizes are sooooo fun to buy for. So anyway, that's the good news there. Oh, and also, Jer is really loving all his classes this semester and doing well thus far. That's a good thing too. OH, AND he's now co-directing a Glee club on Monday nights with our friend Tracie, and gonna direct Annie JR. at Studio 3 in Gilbert. These are exciting things on the Jere front.

What else has been on my mind? How ridiculous, I'm drawing a total blank here.
I know, I'll list possible blog options, things I've thought about or need to write about. YOU choose what I write next. NO, I MEAN it you! Make a freaking comment, choose something.

1. PJ Bunko party
2. cleanliness is next to Godliness (a rant)
3. Max, we've got a LIVE one people.
4. Looking forward and not living in the past
5. Finding ways to serve
6. Maggie and her funny, FUNNY comments
7. WHY must I be so damn tired all the time? OR, how to finally be that self motivator that I've NEVER been.
8. Meal planning, I have some questions
9. Pop culture update...Biggest Loser anyone?
10. The one where my sister is moving three doors down from my brother and I'm totally jealous. NOT of their neighborhood or house, but of their neighborness.
11. Family room wall update...little decore re-do

Bum pain and sweat drops,



Melissa said...

I can't believe I just read your whole post. I really wish I could find the energy to work out because I need that real energy that the body makes not the fake kind you drink. I too like feeling accomplished in my day, guess I need to get off the couch and stop reading blogs. Good luck!

Jenn C. said...

You are amazing and inspiring. I am doin better at getting off of my chair and walking every day. I love reading all of your posts and I have missed you. I check Jenny's blog everyday to read hers and to see if there is anything new on your blog. Thanks for the update!

jen said...

I have a sweet smirk of joy on my face from Jenn's comment . . .
Never mind. This isn't about me, right?
Loved the post. Yes, I've missed your cyber self. Wish I could exercise with you. But I've got this hip thing . . . (not just an excuse, promise).
My choice for blog entries--#2. Does it include Tucker and your fridge?
Also #8, because this is a chore that I've come to neglect recently, much to the detriment of my family.
Enough from me.
Get posting, girl!

Karrine said...

Theres nothing wrong (IMOH) in giving out kids a brownie when they didn't eat dinner .... my deal with the kids is you have to participate at dinner politely with manners (not eat ;) but when they are sick then all the rules go out the window :)

couldn't find a contact form - I wanted to invite you to join us at for PR pitches and content ideas ect ...


The Brinkerhoff's said...

Ok I LOVE YOUR POSTS AND WAS TOTALLY MISSING YOU!!! Your seriously the best and I am doing sherox I want to be in your group if you will have me!!

Court and Julie said...

Completely agree on the gym thing. As for which topic to blog about, I am fully prepared to enjoy all 11 of these topics over the next 11 weeks (see how nice I was to give you a week to do each one????) Although I am kinda keeping my fingers crossed that #1 has YET to happen, and I might manage an invite! Ü

Very curious as to which sister is moving near which brother, though. Is it the brother near me??? If so, that settles it---YOU NEED TO MOVE SISTA!

And WAY late but somehow I missed that it was your birthday. I haven't had my standard "time to stalk Allyson's BLog" time, and I definitely have been missing out. Soooooo.....Happy (belated) Birthday to you my friend!

Jason and Kate said...

I have missed you! When I saw that you posted I got a smile because I think you are hilarious. Welcome back to the 5:30 am gym clubbers!

Susan said...

OK I vote for 2, 10, &11

Way to go on the early morning workouts!

LanaBanana said...

I vote for all of them. Ha! That will keep you busy for awhile. I mean, hey, with all you're accomplishing now, you should be able to get those done lickety split. :) I could use a bit more SheRox motivation for the swimming...ugh. Biking and running will be okay. It's that CURSED SWIM!! Group swims would be greatly appreciated.

DianD said...

I vote for all 11. :) So glad you are back into the exercise mode. I'm so impressed that you actually ran (can run -- I'm jealous) for 3.25 miles. I walk that daily, but running is another story! I'm up to 50 steps at a time, though... progress for me.
Love ya,

Crandell Fam said...

Ahhh...I wish I could get motivated enough to actually blog again. *sigh* I'm such a slacker. I have too much to say and am therefore overwhelmed, so I don't even start. Plus, who has the time? But I do enjoy reading others!

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

Um...I think there's a possible topic missing....... I mean, I'm just saying>

Can't begin to describe how much I look forward to reading your life. it's a little piece of home right here in the heartland. I check at least twice a day for new blogs. so Get on it Guh-url!

Love and miss your face!