Sunday, January 31, 2010

"The" Birthday 2010, where I turned 29 plus 8

As it turns out, my "big day" was pleasant enough. I got up at the A@@ crack of dawn and pulled myself together (and by pulled together I mean, make up from the night before still on, threw a flower in my hair, a dress on and went) and drove to Mt. Pointe to play for one of my students Regionals audition. I was early, her teacher was late, so I had to wait around awhile, sort of buggy. Anywho, she did great, I was proud. Came home, and as I walked in the door I was greeted by a chorus of Happy Birthday from Jere and the girls (Brooklyn spent the night) and they were busily coloring birthday cards for me. Maggie was very proud of her card, though "it was ruined" by Max. After some hugs and kisses I got in the shower and got ready for real. Well, after a brief visit by my Mommy, dropping off my b-day card, and some hanging around 'cause I HATE drying and doing my hair. Finally ready, fed the kids some lunch, visited with my sis Jenny, the newest Marathon runner I know. She did her first yesterday and she is a rock star in my book!! No matter that she can barely walk, the point is, she DID IT! Anyway, I needed to play for a couple more students in the afternoon and was running a titch behind. What with talking to Jenny, putting the kids down for naps, going to the bathroom, you know....stuff. But, I figured it was ok, because Regional auditions NEVER run on time. So, I was like 20 minutes late, which is bad, i'm fully aware. But again, I figure, they're usually at least a half hour behind, I should be ok. As I'm walking in, my student and her Mom were walking out, and I thought "oh good, they wer waiting for me." I said "so, are they so behind?" And the mom said, "nope, she's all done." I'm sorry...WHAT? I felt like such a complete LOSER! My girls teacher had to pinch hit becaus I super lamely was NOT THERE when I was s'posed to be. So embarrassing. So, moving on, I was now rushing off to a completely different school to play for one more student. I went from Highland to Desert Ridge, which thank goodness was semi close together. I got to the next school, and walked into the main area, only to get a really bad feeling. Where were all the squealy high school kids? Where were the signs pointing to auditions, where was ANYONE? I called my girl and said, "Uh, A, where are you?" She said Desert Ridge, only except she DIDN'T say Desert Ridge, she said DESERT VISTA!!!! I had heard her wrong and just made it Desert Ridge in my head. Yeah, Desert Vista was at least a good 40 minutes in the OTHER direction. SHAME SPIRAL! Now, I forced that student to find someone already at the school to just play for her. What kind of loser am I? OY! On the upside, she found someone and she totally got a 56 on her solo, so it's all good.

Moving on....left there and headed to Costco to get some gas. Jere requested some kind of chocolate treat, and I decided rather randomly to buy myself a birthday cake...and I'm not even a big fan of the birthday cake there. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jere has facebooked and texted to people inviting them to a birthday dinner at Joes BBQ for me and my Daddy. Soooooo.....

This is my Daddy-O Tony. I was born on his 30th birthday, which makes him a super hip 67 year old. I love sharing my birthday with him, I've always loved that. I think it's so cool, and so fun! We had a delicious and delightful dinner with family and many friends at Joes BBQ in Gilbert. It was the perfect place for us to go. Plenty of seating (reserved of course), yummy food and unpretentious. I just looked at this picture again. I love my Dad, isn't he cute? He's just so smart, and wise and giving and wonderful! There is no better person to share "my" day with!

This is the adorable Miz Lies'l Hill who completly shocked the crap out of me when she sauntered up the sidewalk. Ummm, she lives in Flagstaff, so imagine my surprise at seeing her. It was a treat to have her there, if only briefly.

Julie and Sabes, chatting it up in the FOREVER long line. We stood in line for about 45 minutes, whilst the rest of my savy family went to the take out line outside, and then just brought there food in. Yeah, whose the dummy here?

Those are our cute friends Adam and Sara Norberg (and don't miss Brenda waving to the side and her cute daugher Hayley). As it turns out, Sara is Sabes first cousin, WHO KNEW?

Yeah, don't know wha is happening with Julie here. hahahaha But, Brenda is cute. My picture taking of the evening was totally lame. I don't even have one pic of me and Jere, none of my sis Dixie and her family. Oh well.

Here is Jenny, the newly minted Marathoner. In pain, but still there to celebrate. That half face is Troy, he's sort of ridiculous. He hasn't run in almost 20 years, like nothing. About a month or so ago, he went out running with jenny, busted out 3 miles like nothing. The next week he did 8 miles, no biggie. Jenny said, "why don't you just do the half marathon while I do the full." And you know what, with a month of running under his belt, he did a freaking HALF MARATHON in an HOUR and 26 minutes. Some people! Ok, but for reals, congrats to these two, I only mock because I'm jealous!

My cute Mammy and Pappy. I'm laughing at his grey cardigan. When did he turn into Mr. Rogers, or my Grandpa? hee hee

Dana and Adam, so delighted to have them there! I love my family.

It was so fun, and so nice to have our neighbors Kat an Craig and not neighbors (but friends) Jeanie and Jason come along too. Seriously, I love that so many people could just get together at the last minute and make my day great. Even Gramma Peg was there, her first big outing in 4 months. WOW! And, she EVER so kindly gave me a fancy floor steamer, which I'm very excited to try out in the kitchen. Apparently, after you use it, you can eat off the floor. How comforting.

After dinner we came back to our house and cut up the cake. Would you look at that? How appropriate that I found the ONE cake at all of Costco that had music notes on it. Maggie was soooooo excited to have a piece of my "Birthday." I also loved that this one had the least offensive amount of frosting on it. Seriously nothing grosses me out more than those ENORMOUS, mountainous blobs of frosting that are "balloons" or "catapillars" or whatever on the cakes. Makes me barf a little. So yeah, perfect cake for me!

I made Brenda and her girls come over and eat cake, because well, the cake needed to be EATEN! Thankfully Kat came over and ate some too, though Craig turned it down, probably to maintain his dainty figure, hehehehe. Anyway, why do I look like a freakshow here? Don't know. But, maybe Brenda and I are just having a "boob-off" Whose are bigger. hahahahahahahaahahaha Perhaps only funny to her and me and Jere and whoever else was standing in the kitchen at the time. Good times.

And I leave you with a pic of the "true" princess of the evening. The Miss who refused to be in bed, 'cause there was a party going on. She was soo pleased with her cake, and to be a part of the action. I do love her!!!
Finally, thanks to all who came, all who shared, all who facebook loved, etc. It was a delightful day and I feel loved.
Candles and pulled pork,.
P.S. Andrea, I would LOVE to take you up on your birthday offer. I will even TOTALLY keep in on the down low from Ron. hehe Monday, Tuesday or Friday would probably work best for me. Call me!


Crandell Fam said...

Great post! But just some clarification...Troy ran the half in 1:56, which is still AMAZING, but not 30 minutes faster amazing (the 1:26 you said, that would be FREAKING AMAZING!!!) Happy birthday again!

jen said...

What was Jenny's time? Just curious. And . . . Hello? Regionals fiascoes. Not good. Not good a'tall. Happy Bday yesterday. Guess I know where I rank . . . spent the night at Target looking for tchotchkes for me family room. Not that I even LIKE Joe's . . . . :)

Greg and Tammy said...

Glad your birthday was WONDERFUL! All's except the being late for regionals thing... that sucks.

The Brinkerhoff's said...

Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!!

Dixiechick said...

I was totally watching you take pics of everyone at Joe's and you skipped right past us and I thought, "Hmph! I'm not even gonna make the blog!" True story.

Lisachem said...

How lame am I that I didn't even send my birthday wishes? I thought about it earlier in the week, but then Saturday came and I totally forgot. Anyway, just wanted to say a belated happy birthday. I love your guts!

The Driggs said...

Happy Birthday Allyson! So glad that amongst those not-so-fun moments on your barfday, that you ended up having such wonderful memories! And I love Joe's BBQ, that's where our family goes whenever we meet at a restaurant for dinner!

Andrea said...

So here it is Wed and I just read your blog. Looks like Friday is the day. I will call you tomorrow and discuss the time. So glad you had a great B-day!

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I wish I lived closer, I would have totally crashed your party! I am glad you had a happy day.