Friday, January 29, 2010

Cross dress and Naptime Naughties

Max has recently discovered a whole spate of new things, not the least of which is climbing the kitchen chairs to stand on top of the table (which Maggie didn't discover or was unable to do (midget legs) until at least after she was 2) and play with the wooden apples, talking lots, his favorite being "hold me, HOLD ME", "BIIIITE", "baby", "apple", "Sissy", "See you", etc. AND wearing mommies shoes.

He looooves clomping around the house in these shoes and is actually prety darn good at keeping his balance with them. He sure is cute that boy of mine.

In other news...the sleep wackiness has continued on and off, between Max refusing to go to bed until nearly 11:00 one night, Maggie refusing naps here and there, wake ups at random times, it's just never a dull moment. So, the other day was a Maggie refusing to nap kind of day and well, sorry folks, but not napping is just NOT an option. Mama done needs her time, and you WILL nap dammit!! So, after a few healthy skirmishes between the Magger and I, battling between napping in my room or Aunti Julies room, or my room, or julies, screamin, bawling, etc. I finally just locked her in Julies room and let her scream, and kick at the door, and cry and yell at me and tell me "shame on you Mommy", etc. That went on for at least an hour and finally there was quiet. I assumed she had finally given in and fallen asleep. I ASS-umed wrong! Because, after a quiet hour, I was mid lesson when Jere came walking in holding Maggies hand, and this is what I was greeted with.

He said to me "don't laugh" under his breath. And I won't lie, it was HARD not to laugh. That would be one naughty, naughty little girl, covered from face to belly in her Auntie Julies makeup. She had been quietly and sneakily helping herself to Julies full bounty of makeup wonders. And MAN did she know she was wrong. Her "remorse" was awesome!

She had also cleverly decorated the closet door with a highlighter. Isn't it lovely?

This is her feeling really bad as her Daddy is scolding her for her actions.

Just another shot of Jere having a talking to with her. Isn't her head down and body posture hysterical? She KNOWS she is in big trouble. In fact, she still reminds me of it, how she got into Auntie Julies make up and colored the door and that "was bad".
The lesson to be learned here is, NEVER trust a screaming two year old to really have gone to bed. ALWAYS check on them, because sometimes, they're just possessed.
High heels and shadow,


Jason and Kate said...

Love the picture when she was getting in trouble. Too cute! Would have loved to be a fly on the wall hearing Jere scold your little one. I'm the same way with naps....Mamma NEEDS her time to rejuvinate!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

He probably likes the noise the heels makes.

She looks so cute even though she is being scolded. The make up is too funny and too cute. But be a stickler and follow through with the punishment (Please don't make it too harsh. Look at that adorable face and those big puppy eyes ... awww). You'll thank yourself later once you find out the kids know how to follow your rules.

It is hard to punish with those baby doll eyes staring at you though.


Dixiechick said...

Just be glad it was make up because yes, yes indeed I had such an experience with Olivia. Only when I finally went in to check on her it wasn't make up she was putting on but her own feces! Carpet, walls, doors and herself--COVERED!!!!! I yanked her out of there and into the tub as fast as was humanly possible all the while stammering "Don't you ever, EVER, never, ever EVER do that again. NEVER ever. Never. NEVER!..." She would say for months after, "NEVER EVER!" Yeah, they know.

Jenn C. said...

What a great picture of Maggie! I have so been there done that! I think that everyone of my kids have decorated walls with markers and used make-up in places that should not have make-up. They have never looked that cute though when they got in trouble! :)

Jules said...

It really was the funniest & cutiest dang thing EVER!!!! Her punishment WAS going to be to clean up the closet door...but MOM beat me to it. She used her new crack cleaner she got, and was SO excited it came off. Thanks mom for taking my joy of watching her clean up "her mess". hahaha
But yes trying NOT to laugh...not so easy.
I love this girl.

Dana said...

My favorite is how in the heck does she really feel like she's "in trouble" with the dang papparazi snappy photos from every angle?!? lol it was an pretty cute site though.... I STILL have an "h" on my bathroom wall. No one claims responsibility. But, I have a 50/50 chance to figure it out, right?

azandersens said...

I was just skimming over your story and when I saw the photo of Maggie I thought she had been beaten or something. So glad it was just makeup. What a cutie. Good luck with the highlighter. It can be a bear. I had to put primer and like three coats of paint to cover up some in our house, but that was before I knew about magic eraser. Let me know how it goes. :)

Mel said...

At least she had remorse. lol. Mine does that stuff all the time, and when I scold her she just smiles, trots off to time out and then asks "Mommy sorry?" No, Mommy is not sorry for putting you on time out child of mine. hahaha. I love this post.