Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Years Hello

Well my prettys, there has been sufficient response to my new background ( hi Heather, thanks for de-lurking and commenting), so you've earned a chance to see our New Years card and letter. Hahahahaha, aren't you sooooo excited? No really, we just have so many that we love that we couldn't send one out to everyone. So, in case any of you are interested, here is our Happy New Years.


Since we here at the Van Patten house don’t ever like to do anything the “normal” way, we figured a New Years letter was the way to go. This year has been one of MANY changes, some good, some bad, but mostly for the better. And now, what you’ve all been waiting for….the rundown:

JERE: Changed from super squishy to super HOT with successful gastric bypass surgery and the loss of 150 lbs.; Left his job at Univ. of Phoenix to attend ASU full time in pursuit of his degree in theatre (you’ve never met a more dedicated and crazed ASU fanatic); discovered football for the first time and has taken to watching it like a “real man”; made hundreds of new friends, oh wait, there is no change there.
ALLYSON: Began the year with a rockin birthday at Disneyland turning the OLD feeling 36; Changed from sedentary pregnant and newborn baby Mom to a “rockstar” athlete completing her first triathlon and LOVED it (yes, you CAN be chubby and still do it); stopped teaching Relief Society for the first time in 5 years; changed from strictly voice teacher to offering piano lessons as well; but mostly changed from Mother of babies to mother of toddlers…Big difference people, BIG!
MAGGIE: Changed from my sweet little girl to my sassy, SASSY girl. She likes to tell ME what to do and how to do it. She has a vast vocabulary and knows how to use it. She loves all things girly, including shoes, purses, princesses, pink, make up, lipstick, earrings, lipstick, makeup, shoes, you get the picture. She also LOVES to sing and does so at an unholy decibel level. We sure love her!
MAX: Changed from a quiet little blob of a baby to a Tasmanian Devil of a toddler. He LOVES to climb, explore, bang, throw, tease, play games. He’s generally the happiest little guy with twinkly eyes and a ready giggle, though he’s a certifiable Mama’s boy; so sometimes a lot of tears. He’s talking quite a bit with a good little vocabulary of words, including Santa, thank you, Gramma and others. He LOVES to eat, and has proved that by being only 2 lbs.lighter than his big sister, and only a couple inches shorter. He’ll pass her soon. He loves to give kisses and is rather skilled at it. We can’t imagine life without this little angel.
Of course our BIGGEST change of all…we MOVED into a WONDERFUL house and an even more wonderful neighborhood. We’ve never been happier with a decision. We’re so grateful for the happiness this transition has brought us, even with the stressors of employment and school. We are so grateful for good friends, wonderful family and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to help us through all these changes.
May the new year bring you all much happiness as you navigate each new “Change” that comes your way.
Much love,
Jere, Allyson, Maggie and Max
Happy days and comment love,
P.S. A VERY Happy Anniversary to my parentals! I believe this is 46 years of wedded bliss. Holy crap that's a long time. We're sure thankful you two fell in love and got married! Thanks for being the best parents EVER!


Nikia, May and da kids said...

YAYY JERE! However he lost the weight, who gives a darn?? He is back in the game and will hopefully be doing the triathlons with you now. I so admire you for that. Not an easy task and before my son leaves this summer on a mission, our family plans to compete in on. Maybe in May. I think I will try a half marathon first. It's been years since i actually did anything that challenging, but never a triathlon though.

Can I tell you how much I admire women who do marathons and triathlons?? Yeah, I know you can't tell, huh?? = P

Football?? I have to TOLERATE that in my house all during the season because my husband played for BYU, college football everyday if he could with the boys.

Your kids are growing up normal then = )

Thank you for the smiles before church this morning = )


Angie Dean said...

Okay first things first...the camera loves you. It's a great picture. Now would you please update the hall wall so baby/toddler Max can be represented?

Secondly, I'm so glad that your toddlers are giving you a bit of grief with a slight chance of mischief too. Now your jeers as we drive by the park on Los Feliz will be more empathetic.

Lastly, congrats to the "parentals". I'm amazed I've been married for 16 years let alone 46. Whew. We should all live so happy as they have been. Dian and Tony your a inspiring.

Mom said...

Well, Thanks for the anniversary greeting. We spent the day at the snow with the YM/YW of the ward. However, we have only been married 45 years this year. Five more to go to reach the golden 50! YIKES! That sounds ANCIENT! But, we're glad we fell in love and had such awesome children! :) Somewhere in our youth and/or childhood we must have done SOMETHING right!