Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sabbath Confessions

So, it's Sunday, it's time for me to be in church, and instead, I'm sitting on my couch, looking pretty much like this (except I got my hair done yesterday, so it's color fresh). (Do TRY not to be too frightened by my extreme morning hotness, who knows why I took this pic one morning while the kids were eating breakfast? I'm just wierd like that)

It seems my little bubbs has a never ending faucet of snot pouring out of his shnozzle, AND his little eye is all green and goobery. Therefore, I felt it best to probably keep him home. Wasn't that so responsible of me? Not gonna lie, it was disappointing a bit, because c'mon, my hair is fresh and new. Let's face it, when you have "red" hair, it fades like a mo-fo and FAST! But alas, sick kid, me responsible, here I am. It was the STRANGEST feeling to send Jere and Maggie off to church as Max and i waved goodbye. I mean really, I'm pretty sure I can say, that has NEVER happened in the history of our marriage, me at home, Jere going to church alone. Just another testament to his love for this ward, plus he's teaching Sunday School AND Elders Quorum today...sheesh!

So, what does one do when church doesn't start until 1:00 and the kids are awake at 6:30? So far today I have done:

3 loads of laundry

cleaned the kids room and the family room

unloaded and loaded the dishwasher

hand washed another load of dishes

swept and mopped the floor

watched Super Why with Maggie

checked blogs, facebook, etc.

So add to this that I am now NOT at church, nor did I get ready, boredom! But don't worry, I have a plan...

Max is asleep, as is Maggie, since Jere has returned with her, due to the fact that she kept telling him she needed to go potty, but then wouldn't go once on the toilet. Yeppers, the girl is in big girl panties, doing pretty well (sans the poo incident at Dixies yesterday). Anyway, children sleeping, Jer going back to church, I am going to...........soak in the tub....And, AND...............................

shave my legs! No fears peeps, it's only been about 2 months. Sick, I know! But, two things....I wear long pants every day AND I don't grow that much hair. Nuff said.

Let's see, what else can I confess...

I have severe guilt because I am sucking at my calling.

I am not a fan of said calling.

I have an unruly, tired 1 year old that makes doing that calling less effective

The "Calling "is Relief Society Chorister.

I SUCK at leading music of any kind. No really, S-U-C-K! I'm rhythmically challenged.

I miss many weeks, because Max is needing a nap, or sick, or I need to go somewhere else or whatever.

Don't suggest Jere take him, 1) Jere is teaching, and or can't handle him, and don't suggest someone else take him because Max is a SERIOUS Mamas boy that FREAKS out when others try to hold him. SUPER annoying!

Pretty sure the R.S. Pres. is severely disappointed, which makes me sad, 'cause I love her so.

I NEVER go to Sunday School, EVER!

Can't make myself do it. We're total hall hangers, where we chat and play with our friends.

I find it tedious and boring.

A LOT of people don't go to Sunday School.

I miss seeing my peeps at church.

I haven't don't my visiting teaching since I moved in here.

I feel bad about this. BUT, I DID take my ladies Christmas gifts and a highlighted copy of the lesson. That counts for something, right?

I SWEAR to actually do my Visiting Teaching starting this month!

I LOVE my visiting teachers and actually don't mind that they come see me.

Alright, with that said...I've lifted a small burden from my chest and now I can go take care of bidness.

Hairy legs and reverence,



erin said...

very productive sunday!! we came home from church today & slept for 3 hours...not so productive. *looking at 2 batches of laundry in folding basket* that can just sit there a little longer.

Greg and Tammy said...

Hope the Max Man gets feeling better soon. Impressed with your productivity. And BTW, I don't really think your "confessions" count, because we all do them, just fill in the blank for time since last shaved legs, callings neglected and VTing forgotten...

Nikia, May and da kids said...

You are too funny girl!

Heck yeah, I am with you on the "just got my do did, need to show it off" thing. You can't show it off to yourself!

I like classes now that I actually go. It's not so bad = )

Sorry one of your babies is sick
= (


jen said...

So often I feel like everyone else is doing everything right and I'm floundering around somewhere else. Glad to hear I'm not alone.

Melissa said...

I never watch the music leaders anyways I'm too involved with trying to get the words of the song right.

Anyways. I love your new pictures. Just perfect they totally reflect your personality!

And just to fill you in (from Tucson) we talked about Heavenly Father! Get a mini lesson from your hubby since he taught about Him!


Mel said...

I think that you should hang an 8x10 of that photo of you in your house. It's H-O-T!!!
Sorry that Mr Max is sick. For what its worth, I think you do a fabulous job juggling all the stuff in your life. Love you.

The Driggs said...

I'll bet the amount of hair that you can grow in 2 months, I can grow in one day. Literally, I just shaved this morning and I can already feel the pricklies! Love your new blog makeover and the family pic as the header. And way to go Jere! Oh, my visiting teaching for last month was the exact same as yours...a little gift, a few highlighted lines here and there...voila! Hope Max starts feeling better soon. And sorry you couldn't show off your hair!

Mom said...

Sad to hear Max is sick. Sunday school class can actually be wonderful (once all your kids are in nursery and you decide you still have things to learn and contribute), You are less musically/rhymically challenged than you want to believe so I'm sure when Max permits, you do a great job as chorister,(they really just want to hear you sing anyway) and it's much easier to keep the Sabbath Day holy (sans laundry, etc.) when you aren't working and the kids are grown! :) You'll get there -- I speak from experience. Yeah! for Jere, too.

The Atomic Mom said...

I have come to the conclusion that the mothers of young children do not get a "sabbath" in the traditional sense. I too do laundry on Sunday and do household work, otherwise, the fragile balance of the universe will be upset. It's just the way it is. So, I am telling you, you are not allowed to feel bad about it. Serioulsy, the only day all of the coats can go in the washer is Sunday, because after we get home from church we're not going anywhere...

As for the other things...RS chorister? Really? They need to give you something that is a bit more challengeing! As for being foyer people (that's what we call it), you should try SS. I teach SS, and I know were I there, you'd come...because my lessons are AWESOME! It's RS that I want to ditch....

Molly Wright said...

I love you too, Allyson! And by the way, you do a great job leading when you are there :).