Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zoo Day And Misc.

As you may or may not recall, I have been less than enthusiastic about the zoo here and my sweaty experiences. However, Friday changed my feelings on the subject. I called up my friend Melissa, 'cause she has a membership and has offered to go anytime. I was definitely in need to get out of my house and my funk, and my kids CERTAINLY needed out. I figured it would be cool enough, as to not make me sweat, and good times could be had with Melissa and her girls. So we got up and ready, loaded up the car and headed out. As it turns out, Lana and Dixie were going at the same time, so we had a big happy bunch. I am warning you, there are LOTS of pics, but it should go fast.

This was a totally different experience because A) it was cool and nice out, and B) I went to parts of the zoo that I have literally NEVER been to before. Who knew that the entire far back left side of the zoo was all for kids and so GREAT!!!

Maggie and Miss O trying to get a good peek at the warthogs. To be perfectly honest, we saw very few animals this trip, but a lot of sculpture and play time.

How many kids can a wallaby pouch hold? Apparently quite a few. We were just missing 3 babies.

Maggie was terrified of this big elephant. I had to convince her that it was NOT a real elephant. Thus, I had to be in the pic to keep her safe. It really was a very cool and beautiful, GIANT elephant sculpture.

I'm sorry, but this was just too freaking funny and cute to pass up. We have some SCAREY lions amongst us!

Giant tortoises are truly huge, and a funny story is coming.

Miss scaredy of all animals pants went RIGHT to the stinky goat nd petted away. She loved it. This was our first experience at the petting zoo. I'm telling you, I had no idea what fun lands were hiding over in the nether regions of the zoo.

Max really enjoyed petting the stinky goat too. He just wanted to grab the fur and go. Poor Max, all he wanted was to run free, and was not very pleased at how much time he was confined to the stroller. Seriously, these kids have NO idea how great they have it, getting pushed around like royalty.

Maggie and Miss O getting their Farmer John on. Ok, so Maggie is 2 months older than O and apparently a YEAR taller. Ok, the next picture really deserved an entry of it's own. I offer you:

Tortoise Porn:

We're walking around, minding our own business when we come across this bit of naughtiness. I took video, but again, can NOT get it to work on here. But for reals people, it was worth the price of freaking funny. That giant man turtle was enjoying himself. Every time he would ummm, you know..."push" there would be this giant and low gutteral "moan", and he would drool profusely all down on the face of the poor little female. We were laughing so hard, because you know, we're immature like that, but also because the kids were wanting to know why he was on her. Melissa told them he was doing a piggy back ride, hehehe. When big guy was finished, it took him a good 4 minutes to un mount and try and get off, 'cause you know,they're huge and SLOOOOOOOW and awkward. Alls I'm saying, it ranks right up there with the time I went to the zoo and witnessed babboon porn at it's finest.
Anyway, it was so nice to be out in the fresh air, pushing a loaded stroller up and down hills, getting a little butt workout. I even ran with the kids and it was fab. The kids were well behaved and happy and a good time was had by all. Ok, so Maggie was OBSESSED with getting to go on the carousel the entire time. She saw it as we came in and then asked about it the entire time. So, of course, 'cause I'm a sucker and love my kid and had the miracle of 4 bucks cash, I took them on it on the way out. Did I mention she was soooooo excited? Hahaha
Does that face look excited? Once she picked out her "bird" and got on, she was a little unsure. But, she kept telling me (before it started moving) "I'm not scared Mom, this isn't scarey." And then it started moving, and she held on for DEAR life and had this look of shear terror the entire time.

Brooklyn on the other hand was in pure Heaven, all smiles and lollipops that one. She's moments away from busting out her best Miss America wave and greeting her adoring public. Seriously, that girls is hoot.

All in all a great day. Thanks so much Melissa and girls, and Dixie and Lana. Now, for the MISC. part.....Auntie Julie got confused and thought a good purchase uld be dip sticks....Ummmm, messy messy much? However, the girls love them, even if I don't.

Green mouth is such a HOT look, don't ya think? The girls would take turns switching their dips back and forth. Actually they'd switch dip stick, sugar et al. back and forth, thinking they were so funny and so clever.

As you know...I mentioned my cute little "cross dresser" loving my shoes. Well, he also LURVES the girls flowers. He INSISTS on putting them in his non existant hair whenever he finds one laying around. Jere is so bothered by this, but seriously, it's so cute. And what do you expect, he's surrounded by his "sisters", he sees them in their pretties, and he just thinks and knows that flowers go in the hair.

My sweet "Maxine" at his finest. Doesn't he just rock that flower? Tee hee!!
Lions and Tigers and Pansies oh MY,

Annnnnnd, I'm TOTALLY retarded, because when I just checked to see if I had any comments, I noticed that this little picture was floating at the bottom and completely unaccounted for. OOPSY! I just thought it was a funny little moment. I made toast, and decided to be a kind Mom and actually make some for them too, since I wasn't in the mood to be followed around with a chorus of "bite, bite, biiiiiite, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite, BITE, I wanna bite." etc. So, I handed them each their piece of toast and then turned around. When I looked again, there they were in a cute little line of toast eaters. That's all, that's why the pic. I know, I'm tard.


Andrea said...

I used to have the same opinion as you about the Phoenix Zoo. Must come from our much earlier days at Redbird Elementary School and field trips taken there. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my kids there a while back. A fun time was had by all.

Jason and Kate said...

You should definitely go to Kids Club at SS mall on Thursdays. Your kids would love it. I go every Thursday. Singing at 10 but from 11-1 you can ride the carousel for free (after you get free badge at singing time...only have to get once). Contact me for more details. Hope you had a great bday.

Crandell Fam said...

I love all the pics! :) My girl is hilarious and beautiful, and I'm so glad she has her life chronicled by you! :) Thanks!

Mel said...

Such a fun and gorgeous day. Miss O was in heaven being around all the older kids and running free. I love the picture of her and Maggie looking through the fence. So cute.
I'm so glad I got to share the awkward tortoise moment with you. That was a very good laugh. :)

Dixiechick said...

I must admit it was among my best zoo visits. Fun!