Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's 6:50 a.m., I've finally dragged myself out of bed, after being kicked and beaten by a busy Max for far too long. I'm in the "loo" and Maggie comes in. Max is babbling and apparently tried to hand Maggie something, because this is what I heard (in a VERY sweet voice I might add):

"No thanks Maxi, I gave my nummy to a new baby."

Glory be, all is well is Zion. My sweet girl is OK. Actually, she has been going to sleep just fine, no tears at all for the last 4 days. She will mention occassionally that Santa has her nummy, or she gave it to a new baby, but she isn't asking for it. I'm not gonna lie, it made my heart jump and sing when I heard her sweetly turn down her brothers offer this morning. Hooray for kids and their resiliance.

Now, for another topic all together. What to do, what to do? We try VERY hard to stick to our rule that Maggie can not sleep in bed with us. She tries a lot. She'll wake up middle of the night, or very early in the morning and ask to come to bed with us. We tell her no, and that her options are to go back to her own bed, or on the couch (sometimes Auntie Julies bed if she's gone to work already). She generally chooses the couch, and a lot of times goes back to sleep, or just hangs out there for awhile. However, here is the confuses her because sometimes Max is asleep in bed with us. But, my reason is this. If he wakes up bawling and screaming, and I can't get him to go back to sleep right away in his crib, I worry about him waking her up. So, I'll just scoop him up and bring him in the bed and get him to fall asleep. Sometimes he'll fall soundly asleep and stay that way for an hour or so. Sometimes, depending on what time it is I've brought him to bed, I'll put him back in his bed. The thing is, I can't really put him on the couch, or reason with him that he has a choice, etc. So, I feel bad that she's confused, but I don't really know what else to do. Can you feel my pain here?

And finally....funny story. I happened to look at my e-mail (I'm notoriously bad at checking actual e-mail) and noticed there was a comment an anonymous had made YESTERDAY on a post from AUGUST! So, I read it with interest. This person (hi, love lerkers, love your comments) said to me essentially that my posts continue to get better and essentially weren't as interesting before. It cracked me up because 1) they were commenting on a post that was literally pictures of Max crawling and not interesting at all. And 2) I have TOTALLY been bemoaning to myself lately how UNINTERESTING my posts have become. I was looking at my posts from last January and thought, holy crap, I USED to be funnier, I USED to actually do stuff. What has happened to me? How is it that I seemed to be more productive and get more done in a day when I had a newborn and 2 toddlers? Anymore, all I seem to be able to do is keep the house picked up and occassionally make dinner. Anyway, thought it was funny that someone thought I was better, when all I thought was how lame I was. So, to anonymous and anyone else, I totally invite you to check out last January, there were some beauts of entries in that month. If I were cooler and knew how to link directly to a post I would. But alas, I'm not that cool!

Alrighty, it's 7:30, haven't done any exercise, need to face this day! The girls are begging for make up and dress ups and Max is crying about something.

Early risers and wasted days,



jen said...

§omeday I'm gonna pop over and help you with the blogging technicalities. Alas. Not today. Commenting from the hospital, Eve's hernia.
Anyway, maybe tell Maggie that Max is a baby and she's a big girl. Don't think she'll buy it, but the alternative is getting up with Max, and who wants to do that?

azandersens said...

We bribe our kids with a juice box in the a.m. if they stay in their beds all night. Luckily, Joshie is old enough to understand, and it works like a charm. $.25 is such a small price for me to pay for a good night's sleep!

Dian Shumway said...

So comforting to know that they do learn and accept what you teach! ;) LOVE your new cute. Also loved the post "Anatomy of a Family Picture" It brought back some fun memories. I'd never noticed that I was in the reflection until Lana pointed it out. How the heck could you tell it was even a person, is what I want to know! Wow!!!