Saturday, January 23, 2010

Everyone should have a Julie

Hey my bloggidy friends...just wanted to formally introduce you all to my sis. in law Julie. World...Julie,

Look at that face, what's not to love?
You may be asking yourselves, what brings such introductions on, and why? Well, I'll tell you why. See Julie,she's cute, she's a fun gal, and really the super dee dupery nicest girl EVER! However, she has been slightly cursed in her life. She has the dubious and unfortunate birthdate of December 25th. Yeah, Christmas day, and frankly, it sucketh. She's doomed to a lifetime of basically NO birthdays. No recognition, no birthdy cakes, no parties, just a passing, "oh yeah, and happy birthday too." This can 'cause a little pain in the ol' heartaroo.
As a sidenote and perhaps a public service announcement to I've pondered this injustice I've come up with just a couple simple rules to avoid such a prediciment. Here they are...are you ready?
1. Do NOT have ANY sexual relations in the month of February. Simple as that really. Now, I can see how that pesky Valentines Day might throw a wrench into those plans, as SOME people think it's all romantical and want to get it on. So, IF avoidance isn't possible, and you find yourself "in the family way" with a due date anywhere on or around Christmas...
2. I say, just clamp those legs together, put mind over matter and REFUSE to allow said baby to come. Or, isn't there some anti labor drug that can be administered. I mean really, it simply should NOT be allowed to have a baby on Christmas freaking day. The lifetime of birthday tragedy is too much to bare. Just my 2 cents worth on that. But, back to Julie...
She has literally never had a birthday party in her life. She certainl couldn't have her Mom bring cupakes into school to celebrate, as they were on BREAK. She's never had a birthday cake, her "birthday" presents were usually presented a few hours after all the Christmas joy, but still wrapped in Christmas paper. Can you see the picture I'm painting?
So anyway, tonight, a few of us gathered to "celebrate" Julies birthday almost a perfect month late. We went to her favorite resteraunt, Los Dos Molinos in PHOENIX, NOT the one in Mesa, in case you're wondering. There menu is spicy, spicier and SUPER spicy, WOW!
Don't worry, Eric wasn't the ONLY boy there, my bro. in law Troy kindly took the pic. We stood outside for like maybe an eternity in the freezing cold waiting to be seated. There is NO inside place to wait, and they rudely did not turn on the heaters outside. So it was chilly. But, we were able to enjoy good conversation, walks down memory lane and some chuckles to boot.

Just an obligatory shot of me with a dash of Jenny. It's my blog, so I get to do that. I'm totally sporting my "blue steel, or blue thunder" pose, pretty hawt huh? I also had to put it in, because my face doesnt look fat, which is good, since I'm sure I've gained like eleventy hundred pounds in the last month. But, that's niether here nor there. This is about julie right?

Just trying to point out how LARGE this table was that we sat at. So large in fact, we needed a megaphone to converse across it. There was no ability to "pass" anything, but merely scoot it about. But, it was a nice, quiet, private room that we were in, and we did enjoy ourselves in the end. All things considered. Do note Jody there on the left side, all posed with her hand to her face. She's my sis in law and the new face, no wait, profile of Skymall. So, if you see a smiling profile of a chick on skymall, that's her. She's becoming a working model and it shows in every pic, 'cause she's such a poser. I love it!
But, to wrap it up, as my blog title states..."EVERYONE should have a Julie." I personally am so grateful to have her in my life. She truly is one of the most selfless, kind and giving people I know. She lives with us and I truly don't know how I'd do it without her. We sort of have this joke that she's MY wife, 'cause she's ever so helpful. It's just such a relief to know that when she's around, and I'm teaching, or busy that my kids are taken care of in every way. She loves them like her own, and they love her. I know that she would give me the shirt off her back, and well, she'd give about anyone the shirt off her back, 'cause she's just that way. I appreciate her thoughtfulness, her patience and her goofiness. Thank you Julie for being a friend, for caring so fully, for generally always being positive, and for making my life just a little bit easier. I'm so grateful to have her here. Everyone should have a Julie.
Happy happy Birthday Julie, December 25th, January 25th, are special and you do deserve to be celebrated.
Still no cake though. D'oh. Guess I'll try and whip one up tomorrow.
And finally, we need to find her a manz. I'm just sayin, let's all be on the lookout.


Jason and Kate said...

My sister just had a baby on Christmas and I'm already feeling for her little girl. I was worried about even being due in December! Jason and I are in big trouble...February is celebration month with both of our bdays and Vday. We are doomed to have a December baby! have to include March/April because that's when we got preggers with Wyatt and he was a Thanksgiving baby (and he was early).

jen said...

Just FYI.
Your calculations are a bit off.
I, in fact, have a child that I would venture to guess was conceived around Valentine's Day. And her due date was NOVEMBER 8, born last October 23rd--yes, my little Evie.
So, March is a better time to control yourself.
Just sayin'.
And I agree about Miss Julie. She's fab!

Dian said...

So glad Julie is part of "our" family! Wonder how we ever lived without her! :)

Happy, happy UNbirthday, Julie! You do deserve it!
Mama Dian

Steph said...

You're so funny! That does stink with a Christmas b-day. I feel her pain somewhat--mine is 10 days after. Everyone is like, oh, yeah, dang, now we have to go shopping again. I agree--no babies within 2 weeks of Christmas!

I wish I had a Julie too!

LanaBanana said...

Glad you guys had a good time! I, too, am quite a big fan of Julie's. :) Happy late Birthday, Julie! You are sunshine and happiness and smiles, and I love you!!!

Jere Van Patten said...

And really people, she's single! Find her a manz like stat! She's cute and has a lot to offer.

The Atomic Mom said...

A few things....

Sex in March will net you a December baby...Sweet Baby James' due date was Dec 6th...and the rest...well...

Anyway, as for the Christmas birthday, yes that would stink. My cousint is also a Christmas baby. They solved the problem by letting him choose another day on which to celebrate his birthday. He chose Christamas Eve. So he get's his cake a fun party etc, etc.

As for you all....your party looked swell... :)

Andrea said...

I have a Julie, but her name is Tara. And we are sooooo grateful for her. I tell everyone they need a Tara. Aren't we so lucky? Looks like a fun party.

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to Julie! And you are right, everyone should have a Julie! Thank goodness you all were kind enough to realize that each one of us is important enough to be celebrated and so kudos to you all that granted Julie her day. How thoughtful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog even though Blogger is not updating my posts. I've been stuck doing alot volunteer work and church calling stuff. i'm glad that I am back to enjoying my favorite blogs even if it's for a couple of days at a time = )


Fer Fer said...

Happy un-birthday Jules! Ally, you are right, everyone needs a Julie! I wish I could have been there to help celebrate you and your day! I am ready for some fun in the sun! Happy celebration day, love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

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