Thursday, February 11, 2010

What'd YOU do today?

First and foremost, let's just get this out of the way. I am having a freaking FANTASTIC hair day! No really, these aren't easy to come by when you're semi balding. But alas, the hair gods smiled and it's great. This is good, because I have a wedding dinner to attend tonight, and one must look their best when at wedding festivities! So hooray, let's celebrate the small things in life! Good hair day, check! Thanks be!

Secondly, I forgot that I did a batch of laundry last night, which in and of itself is no biggy. However, in that batch was my bra, my ONE and ONLY bra. Needless to say, due to my lack of follow through, I am now wearing a bra that is to small. OY! Nothing worse than a too small bra. It creates boob muffins, and frankly, they are just so classless. I mean really, if we were keeping a list of classless attributes one could have, right up there next to visible hickeys is boob muffins. You KNOW what I'm talkin about. Where the bra is too small, so the extra boob fat spills up and over the top and is visible through your shirt. Ick, so gross! It's really too bad i didn't need to go to Wal-mart today. Alright, now I have an can I leave a running tally of things that are classless attributes on the side of my blog or something.. We could all add our 2 cents worth. I think it would be funny. I've given us one and two, now you add in your thoughts.

Third thought...Maggie is on day 3 of no accidents and excellent potty skills. I guess she finally decided it was worth it. That, or the hershey kisses are too alluring to pass up. Whatever the case, she's doing awesome! YAY! I DID tell her that she would not be able to attend pre-school (which she is obsessed about doing) if she didn't go potty on the big girl potty. So, maybe that was the convincing factor?

Alright, so you're really here because of my blog title, you're dying to know what it means right? You wanna know what I did today? Well ok, I'll tell ya!!

I, Allyson S. Van Patten walked/jogged/ran 3.25 miles this morning. Oh whatever, don't be let down. THAT is a HUGE accomplishment for me. You wanna know why? Ok, I'll tell you. See, last year,in all my fine tri training, I did a lot of walking/running, etc. However, I have only EVER done 3+ miles three times. Once, early on, Dixie sadistcally made us do 5 miles one Saturday morning. That sucked! Then, the week before the tri we went out and did the course, which is 3.1 miles. Then, the tri itself, and you may recall, oh ye trusty readers of mine, i developed blisters the size of small Moldovian countries on EACH heel. It was excruciating times a THOUSAND and took weeks to heal. So anyway, I just have always kept my "run" movement to 2.5 or less miles. Enter Raceday and the tri workout for was a hideou samount of reverse crunches and flutter kicks, followed by this 3.5 mile run. First of all, I missed yesterday, due to some rather unfortunate all night long wakeups with the kiddies. Then, this mornings was s'posed to be a 55 min. bikeride. Rasberrries on that. I already did that last week, LOONG and eh. Secondly, I need to work my running capabilities up. So, this morning, it was with determination that I went into the gym to get that 3.5 miles. Mind you, I only have so much time before I need to get back home and relieve the troops. So, I did the crunches (curse, swear, curse) and the flutter kicks and then faced my nemesis the treadmill. No really, treadmills suck! I'd much rather be doing the running on a track. Anyway, I mounted that bad boy and made it mine. hahahahahahahaha The instructions were to do 1/2 mile normal or slower and 1/2 mile fast, until you were done with the whole thing. So, I did my first 1/2 mile at about a 3.7 or 4, then did the second 1/2 mile at a 5. A WHOLE half mile at a 5, I was sweatin buckets, and sucking wind. So, next 1/2 mile fluctuated between 3.5, 3.7, 4.0, second half mile, 5, 5.3, 3.5, 6.0. Two miles down, this is my normal quitting spot, but alas, I was gonna conquer this Biznatch. So, the next 1/2 mile was back in that 4.0 range, final half mile I did two sections at 7.0 (and people, ain't NOTHIN pretty about fat slapping as you run at such speeds. Thank goodness I have music blastingin my ears, sorry to those around who don't. 'Cause,ewww!), some 6.0 and some 3.5. Here's the deal...I actually MUCH prefer to run over walking. I prefer to go faster as opposed to medium speed. It feels so much better on my legs, however, my lungs have not yet received that memo, so the severe lack of oxygen wreaks a little havoc. When said oxygen is not being obtained, pretty quickly the leggies get all leaden and wierd and I wanna fall and fly off the treadmill. So, before I make a complete arse of myself, I jump off and reduce the speed. I will truly conquer it someday. I WILL actually do a full run at 6 or higher for 2 full miles, i really will. I don't know when, but I WILL! Anyway, the good news is this...I did the 3.25, and i did it in 45 minutes. Not great, but not absolutely horrible either. But best of all, I sweated buckets and I felt accomplished and happy and ready to face this day. Oh, but better than ALL of that. I kicked that stupid six pounds ASS and it sneakily slunk away. So, now I just need to lose a REAL six pounds in a week and I'll feel so much better. hahahaha Oh please, that would require good eating habits. Still working on that.

Yeah, so that's what I did today...3.25 miles...BOOYA! What'd YOU do today?

Fat slapping and brownie bites,


Well what? ok seriously, I made the YUMMIEST brownies last night, and they keep sneaking into my mouth.


alison said...

I LOVE you! such motivation! And brownies are WELL deserved! I hope you really enjoyed them!

alison said...

oh, yes, and my idea of classless attributes...butcracks and thongs! GROSS!

jen said...

You make me laugh!
Just FYI, when I started running after Ben was born, I ran just like that, at about speeds like that, with "Joseph" blasting on my CD player! (old days, good times) Baby steps, and congratulations!
I'm cleaning a closet, nursing a baby, and helping Lily through a tantrum.
Classless? Let's see. Fuzzy seat covers for cars. In neon pink.

Greg and Tammy said...

You. Go. Girl.

From a non-runner that still runs because she feels she "needs" to, I say, "Hats off to you"!!

LanaBanana said...

Fabulous! Today I did some yoga, sit-ups and dips. Not as much as I wanted to, but I had a doctor's appointment to get to for my STUPID wart on my left big toe and a swollen (possibly slightly broken) right big toe. So I'm a little crippled lately. :)

Anyway, something classless to add to your sidebar: moms and dads who have their young children with them at Wal-Mart at 2 a.m. Remember that night?!?? :)

Crandell Fam said...

You seriously crack me up!! You are one funny girl...and I am SOOOO proud of your run! That's awesome! I haven't done anything since my marathon...TWO WEEKS AGO. I'm lacking in the motivation department, so this was just what I needed to read to get my butt back in gear. Thanks! (and mmm brownies...hope you have some left tomorrow!)

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

HUZZAH ! to your awesomeness! Did you know that five kinds of cool = Allyson? No really, it's true. it's a scientific theorem...I looked it up...

Dana said...

*stare* I confess, haven't done one stitch of exercise in a week. Why can't I have that "I have to exercise to be happy gene" that all my freaky sisters have?!?! Cause the only voice I hear in my head is "I need to SLEEP to be happy". Proud of your efforts, envious of your 6 pound weight kick-ass--it's the d**mn running--and impressed with your new found motivation. Okay, that's all.

Anonymous said...

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