Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baseball Babies

We have a friend....her name is Amy (Hi Amy) and she has a suh-weet hookup with the Diamondbacks.  As in, she gets FATTY seats for free and parking passes, and strangely enough, she often takes us.  I've sat in some pretty awesome seats with her.

Anywhodle.....last night we got to take BOTH kids to the game.  This was Max's FIRST game and he was so excited allllll day to go to the baseball game.  This was Maggies second game and she was really feeling quite superior to Max and his virgin ball gameness.

Right, so.....a few pics.

For real.  I couldn't love a picture more.  They were so excited to see the game.

Walking over the bridge from the garage into the swanky section of the stadium.  Apparently all the cars in the lot below us were player cars. 

This was in the suite section.  We weren't sitting there.  But I liked the shot of the field.  Really, Chase Field is an absolutely beautiful place.

Maggie was asking for popcorn and cotton candy before we even got there.
That's our friend Amy.
Thanks again girl.

No really, he loved the popcorn, I swear!

Just showing off the ELEVEN DOLLARS worth of drinks we had.
Eleven Dollars.

Got that cotton candy.

I might love this picture a WHOLE lot too.
They were celebrating ANOTHER homerun.
It was a crazy lot of runs in that game.
We ended up winning 11 to 9.

Max and Baxter became BEST friends.
No really.....they high fived, they hung out and then Max literally watched him make his way around the entire stadium and yelled out at the top of his lungs "BAXTERRR" (except it may have sounded a little bit like bastard) and waved at him until he couldn't see him anymore.
It was really cute.

Ummm, that's Lesley.
She's a DBACK girl.
She asked Maggie to sing Take me out to the Ballgame on the jumbo tron.  Maggie completely denied her.
Her response..."I already sang that with her LAST time." hahahaha
We were sitting directly above the visitor dugout....sweet seats.
When the game was over Maggie kept asking if she could go down and stand on the "porch", or better known as the top of the dugout. hehehe


Max had a MAD crush on her.
After maggie turned her down, I had to take Max to the bathroom.  He literally asked me...
"Why did Maggie said no to that pretty girl with the pony tail and black pants?"
May i remind you...he's two.  Why is he noticing such detail?  WIERD!
After our potty trip, pretty Lesley happened to be sitting directly behind us and "workin" the crowd.  As you can tell by the pic....the kids became her new best friend.  Max sat on her lap most of the time, and they helped her stand and cheer.  They would jump and wave their arms and scream.  It was freaking adorable!
Yeah, he's definitely in love.
I wonder if his other girlfriend "Princess and the Frog" will be ok with that.

All in all, a fun night for the MVP's.  If not a bit exhausting.  My kids weren't in bed until 11:00.  And OF COURSE, they were up by 6.  Seriously.....why are they incapable of sleeping in?

Thanks again Amy for allowing us this fun family night.

Tomorrow.....Maggies first day of school.
Wish us luck.  Max is gonna melt down without his sissy.

Homeruns and wallet drains,



Amanda said...

what a fun night! I remember going to a game with my brother when I was out there... I loved it! The field is gorgeous!

Grace Adams said...

I love it! Especially Max noticing the black pants! When my son was 3, we were at a Disney character breakfast featuring Pocahontas. He fell in LOVE with that girl, and she ate it up -- kept coming back to our table and giving him kisses. We have pictures of him with lipstick prints all over his cheeks.

Kristina P. said...

I admit I do like attending pro games, but not the whole time. I get bored with them.

Also, you need a giant purse to sneak water in.

jen said...

I really try to like baseball. I just can't. But what a great memory with your family.
And no Maggie. No Brooklyn. If Max gets bored, you can come hang over here and see my hobby room.
And about voice lessons--I'm a little sad about it myself. But Lily will be ready next year, and I'm reserving a slot right now, K?