Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greer 2011 Post 1

Well folks, it was yet another fabulous year in Greer.  One we were especially grateful to have, as in June we weren't sure Greer would even exist anymore.  There was a brief moment in time where we falsely believed it had burned down.  There were massive wild fires this summer and much of the area up and around Greer burned.  And frankly, the fire came RIGHT down to the edge of town and nearly did it in.  In all 22 structures were lost, one of them literally IN town. So, it was scarey.  BUT, Greer survived, and it's still beautiful, in spite of the burn lines running all around it.

We are sooooooo grateful for this week long respite each year in our lives.  It really is the most beautiful spot in all of AZ, and it does much to fill our "wells" and get us through another year.

So, first I offer some pictures of "the burn".

Wish I'd gotten a better picture of areas with burned trees, and this neon/electric green grass growing all around it.  When we were there it had  been raining for weeks, and the combo of rain and all the ash on the ground made for the most stunning green grasses.  The juxtoposition of burn and green was fascinating, and beautiful.

It literally burned down the mountain to the edge of "town".

This is sooo sad.  A gorgeous house, just gone.

More insulting....the houses on either side of it, not touched.  You could see where the fire burned UP to the house next door, and yet it's still standing.  My heart breaks for the family that lost that home (well all the families really).  This development is as "in town" as you can get.  And right next door is a big resort.  The fire burned right to the edge of the resort.  Sooo many blessings that more wasn't burned. know I'm long winded, and there are like 4 million things I want to show you and talk about.  But, for THIS post, I'm just gonna show you family pic day.  It was without a doubt our quickest and smoothest to date.  Hooray!
I look at all these pics and they make me happy.  I really do love this big crazy family of mine!  They're the BEST!

As usual, click on pics to see them larger, if you so desire.

The entire Shumway clan in all our glory.  This is first time in at least 3 years that literally ALL of us were there for the pictures.  Hooray!

Danas family

Erics family

Me family
Jere insisted on ASU pride.
I told you, he's crazy about his school pride.
Max asks to wear that shirt!

Jennys family

Porters family

Dixies family

The couples
we took individual shots as well.  Some inappropriate and some "straight."

The Siblings

The "outlaws"
It's so sad that they never have any fun.

The "men" of Greer
I'm not kidding when I say this may be my all time favorite picture EVER!
They were making fun of us women.

The ladies of Greer
My Mom is so cute

These are all the grandaughters.
Poor Breckyn, she was born only 15 years too early for the rest of them.

Well...this was ON picture day.  I just happen to think it's a particularly good picture of Miss Sass and I.

Alright....that's done.  Tomorrow I shall bring you Sunrise ski lift.  Holy Beautifulness!

Smiles and squints,



Kristina P. said...

Love the pictures. It's so crazy how fires seem discriminating sometimes.

LadyCarma said...

Thanks for the great photos. I love that you showed the sadness (fire shots) as well as the family fun. You are awesome. Even though I will never be there (in Greer) I feel as if I am there with the photos every one takes and posts. Thanks.

The Brinkerhoff's said...

ok so I totally want to be adopted in... pretty pretty please!!!

LanaBanana said...

Glad you documented the fire damage so well. We drove over there one day but didn't take any pictures.

And it was a great idea to post each family's pictures. That worked out well.

Greg and Tammy said...

YEAH for Greer posts!!

Poppy said...

Those guys holding pictures is priceless. I am so going to copy that idea. Well, if I can get the men in my family to do it. Ok I am pretty sure I am caught up and didn't miss a 3rd kid. Phew.