Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maggies 1st Day...

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Greer blogpost to give you Maggies first day of school.  No worries, it'll be brief.

We "qualified" for a state funded preschool this year.  While I will GREATLY miss Miss Ranelle (because let's face it, there is NO better preschool EVER), she decided to teach 1st grade full time, and we couldn't afford to send Maggie this year anyway.  So, thankfully, there is a wonderful preschool program here in AZ, and many of my friends/neighbors got their kids in too.  Carpools, and good kids sharing her class. YAY!

The class Maggie got into is at 8 A.M.  Seriously?  8 in the morning?  That is a stretch for this Mom.  I could barely get her to 9 a.m. preschool last year.  BUT, we can't be late this year, they're a bit stricter, so we'll ahve to make it work.

Of course, it was her first day of school and she slept until 7:35.  HELLO.  This girl is ALWAYS awake by 7 at the VERY latest.  I had to wake her up and rush her into her clothes.  BUT, she was so excited for school that she happily put her clothes on, AND let me do her hair.  I repeat, she LET ME DO HER HAIR with nary a fight at all.  It was so delightful I coulda cried.

We got into the car and awayyyyyy we went.  We made it with just a few minutes to spare.

Lookin goood!
Never mind that the "rules" stated no open toed shoes.  Maggie was having none of THAT.

The teacher requires hand washing for everyone as soon as they walk in the door.
The 2nd day she realized that was gonna be a nightmare, so she switched it up to just some good ol' hand sanitizer.

Max however is none to sure about this whole Sissy going to school thing. He cries all the way home saying "I don'tWaaaaaaant sissy to go to school."  It's kinda sad.  Hopefully this won't last too long.
This picture?
Well, he and I were perusing the merchandise at our local Wal-mart when this shirt caught his eye.  He said, "Can you buy me that GUY shirt?"  I told him he had to choose between the guy shirt and the silly putty in his hand.  He looked at them both, pondered a moment and then handed me the silly putty to put away.  He reallllllly wanted the "guy shirt."  He figured that since Maggie got some new clothes, he should too.

He was just beside himself to wear it the next day and sooooo proud of it.  When I told him that we were going to Gramma and Grandpas he said.
"I will show them my guy shirt?  Will they say Oh My Gosh when they see it?"
It was so cute.  And he did proudly show it to WHOEVER he came in contact with that day.

Maggies first day also scored me some KILLER deals at the thrift store, so it was just winners all the way around.

Maggie came home happy as a clam, pleased with her teacher and her class.
Here's hoping for a GREAT year!

School daze and guy shirts,



Eve said...

I nearly forgot how early the school year starts in AZ! We've still got another month to play around here. ;)

She looks darling for her first day!

No open toed shoes?... In August?... YIKES!... That's gotta be a joke, right?

LanaBanana said...

No open toed shoes because they work with sharp objects? because they smelt metal? because they work in a kitchen with boiling hot oil? WHA?

Ahhh, welcome to the stressy world of flying out of bed every morning to get your kid fed and dressed--all while maintaining a perfectly happy mood lest you 'upset' them somehow and they crumble into tantruming lateness all over the kitchen floor. :)

It is so exciting for me to see my kids (Plural!!) going off to school to have adventures and get away from their snooze of a life. So happy for Maggie and her new school!

Cookie Mama said...

I love it! Max totally rocks the guy shirt and Maggie looks so cute and grown up! I laughed so hard at the whole hand washing/sanitizing thing. Is this her first year of teaching?

Minky {moo} said...

So you're telling me that one day my precious dress up doll child will decide what he wants to wear all on his own and it might be a GUY SHIRT?
I'm kidding of course, Max is adorable in his guy shirt and you tell em Maggie! Your shoes, your choice! That's right!