Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birds of a Feather....

Maggie walked up to me with a look of complete concern and honest questioning.

"Mommy....when will I grow a feather in my hair?"

"When will I grow a FEATHER in MY hair?"

WHAT in the world is she talking about?  Why does she think she should be growing feathers in her hair?

After some thought and confusion, I realized that she had recently spent time with our friend Sabrea who is a feather wearin hair dresser.  Maggie LURVES Sabrea (or as my kids call her, Starla) and sorta idolizes all she does.

"Oh, do you mean, a feather like Starla has in HER hair?"

Exhibit A
Starla and her feathers

"Yessssss!  When will I get one?"

"Well honey, those don't just GROW in your hair.  They have to be PUT in your hair."

"What do you mean, put in my hair?  Why?"

"I don't know, it's just something that Sabrea does.  She can put feathers in peoples hair."


"I don't know.  Because she's a hairdresser, and she's cool like that.  MAYBE someday she can put one in your hair."

A look of utter and sheer delight spread across her face. 

"Can she put one in NOW?"

"No, but maybe sometime."

That seemed to appease her enough and away she skipped to do something else.

So, I called Sabe to share the story of her power over my daughter, she got a good laugh, and then totally volunteered to come on over and put a feather in Maggies hair.

When I told Maggie that Starla was coming over to featherize her she nearly peed her pants with anticipation.

In she walked last night at 8:00 with her packet of feathers in tow.  She sat down on the chair and offered Maggie a peek, and allowed her to choose which feathers she wanted.

As Sabrea pulled out the rainbow colored feather Maggie let out a gasp of delight and as she exhailed let the word "coooooooool" float on her breath.  It was clearly the most AWESOME thing she'd EVER seen.
P.S. judge not on the long sleeved Christmas Pj's being sported here. Max insisted on wearing his, so Maggie wanted to match.  Nevermind that they're too small and, well, weather inappropriate.  Note how she's holding them, that's because a moment before I laughed as I was taking a pic and said, "love the belly." (as it was hanging out all over the place). This embarrassed her and she held her shirt down the rest of the time.  (I felt bad)

Watch as Starlas works her magic.......

Yep....TOTALLY rainbow feather in my 4 year olds hair. hahaha

She was seriously SO pleased with herself and this amazing feather she could barely keep her smile to herself.

Not wanting to be left out Max yelled "Mommy, don't forget to take a picture of me playing my game." I dutifully raised the camera and THIS is what he gave me.  SO typical of Max.

Ladies and Gentleman.....I present you with Maggie and her magical feather growing hair.

What can I say?
Birds of a feather flock together.

I do just have to giggle a little bit, because many 4 year olds are sporting the latest hair trend such as this.  Something I would NEVER do.  But, we are blessed with awesome friends who work in every field and who so willingly share of their talents.

Thanks Sabe for making this little girls feather dreams come true.

And now, Maggie is off to her very FIRST dance class ever.  She's pretty excited, minus the totally ANNOYING need to wear tights.

"Tights are DUMB you know, right Mom?  I HATE them."
Pretty sure I don't have a ballet star in my future.

Naked birds and feather heads,



Rebecca Watson said...

the feather looks good in her hair - and super cute!! :)

LanaBanana said...

Fun! :) The picture of her and Sabrea together is really cute.

DianD said...

She has amazing "notice-everything-as-she-walks-through-a-room" abilities. Wonder where she got that talent? Cute pictures of both of them and how nice of Sabrea to accommodate her wish! You do have such nice friends.

Amanda said...

I'm sure she just started the trend among other 4 year olds in her dance class.... what WILL the other mamas say about it?

alison said...

a friend of mine got feathered a couple of weeks ago. she's quite trendy though...and can totally pull it off. she told me i needed to get myself some. thing we librarians are NOT noted for is our trendsetting ;) maggie looks super excited and TRES chic. i as always, LOOOOVE me some max!

p.s. we are dealing with the opposite problem in hannah's ballet class. they are NOT allowed to wear tights and she just DIES every week because she is tights-less!

Kristina P. said...

Ahhh, she's so cute! And Sabrea is as gorgeous as ever.

Eve said...

Hahaha... that's funny!!
My 7 year old niece has one in her hair too. She told her mom that she would 'just diiiiie' if she didn't get one and that was the first time my sister had ever heard her use that expression, so she agreed to give in just this once. ;)

The feathers aren't my thing, but they are adorable next to those sweet baby faces.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

My girls want feathers too. I actually think it would be fun too but I'm afraid I am too old to be sportin the trendy feather look. Lucky Maggie to have such great parents who have really great friends.

Poppy said...

Love the feather and I won't be showing my 7 year because you would for sure be hearing the "no fair" where you live. But she and Hank have both been sporting Christmas PJs all summer long because I have been too cheap to buy new ones.

azandersens said...

Izzy is the trend setter in her class with her bright pink one. Love the feathers. :)

Steph said...

I got my hair cut the day before school started and the place was packed with little girls getting feathers! It was hilarious. Someday they will laugh at themselves the way we look back and laugh at the Utah claw bangs. :)

Greg and Tammy said...

HYSTERICAL!!! Love that darling Sabe.

Grace Adams said...

Both of my nieces got feathers in their hair last week. I have to say, I think it's a pretty cool trend. Better than Snooki's poof, right?

Lene said... comment.


Denise said...

My girls have been begging to get feathers but we haven't done it yet. I am not opposed to them but it seems that one thing after the other has gone wrong in our pursuit. I love it, they are so cute. Denise

Minky {moo} said...

Tights are dumb. Just wait till the first time she has to wear panty hose for something. ugh.