Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Love Story....in two parts


Once upon a time there was a boy named Bryson born.  He was the first grandchild, nephew, etc. born into our family.  To say he was loved, slobbered and adored upon would be an understatement.  Bryson, as it turns out was all kinds of smart and geniusy and musical and adorable.  He grew up to be a super smart, incredibly kind, highly caring, ridiculously gifted piano player and singer and a GOOD BOY!  He went off to Argentina to serve a mission, where he learned spanish like a pro, made all the people love him and served as an assistant to the President.  When he came home, there was MUCH celebrating.  He told his Mom that he would like to be married in a year from his arrival home.

He almost made it.  It was a year and 4 months.

While at BYU, a girl in his choir told him she wanted to set him up with her friend....Tierra.  He said, ok, great.  Then, he decided to try and facebook find this Tierra, and did a search.  Up pops this picture.

This Tierra was starring as Motormouth Maybell in a production of Hairspray.  Bryson was so excited, because apparently....he loved that she was black, and gorgeous.  So, he friend requested her.  She had no idea who he was, and said so.  But, they began talking on facebook, back and forth for a couple weeks.  Finally, he went to see her show.  He had to leave at intermission, but went backstage and tracked her down.  They met briefly.  Then, he called and asked her out.  They went out, 2 days in a row.  And then, they were pretty much inseperable.  And then, as it turns out.....she was NOT the Tierra that the girl meant to set him up with at all.  Happenstance, or serendipity had stepped in and instead, he'd met THIS Tierra.  The Tierra that is a singer, actress, sassy New Yorker, wonderful, good hearted, strong, confident woman, that fits in perfectly with our family.  And soon they were madly, deeply, head over heels in love.  In just a short time, he asked her to marry him.

Then, on Nov. 11, 2011..........they got married.  It was a lovely ceremony and an even lovlier reception/party.  They're adorable together, and oh so happy.  Therefore, I am so happy for them.

That's my lovely sister Dana, the mother of Bryson.  And her wee "bonus"  baby Jayce.  Almost a full 20 years younger than Bryson.

I'd show you more shots of the reception....but apparently blogger doesn't want me to, because it won't upload ANY of my other pictures.  UGH!
Suffice it to say, it was a gorgeous backyard, complete with a dancing/performance outdoor space, the coolest kids playground EVER and more.

Tierra sang a song to Bryson, Bryson sang to Tierra (I may have totally cried, it was so amazing) and the Tierras girlfriends did 2 of the coolest dances I've EVER seen.  It was soo fun.  After that was a lot of dancing (of which I only watched) and visiting.  All in all, a perfect night for a perfect couple.

Tomorrow I bring you Part 2 of the love story......which involves 2 other parties entirely.


jen said...

Had NO IDEA he got married last weekend. Exciting! Congrats to Bryson!

Kristina P. said...

What an amazing story of chance! They both look so happy.

Eve said...

Aaw... I LOVE love stories! :D