Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Happenings

What?  Ok FINE!  I may have had an actual good time this year.  So what, let's get over it.  It's no secret that I'm not a fan of this lame brained holiday.  It shouldn't surprise you that EVERY day I had to talk Maggie out of her tree when she'd notice everyone else seemed to be decorated for this Holiday and we weren't.  She would say "WHY aren't WEEEEEE decorated?"  I would say, "because weeeeee don't care."  And then she'd say, "yes we do, let's just go home and decorate."  Uh sorry kid.....2 plastic pumpkins do NOT for Hallowed Eve decore make.  Anywho....the Trunk or Treat came and went and then the big actual Halloween Night came.  Once again, our friend the costumer came through and bequeathed us (and by us I mean maggie) with a truck load of costume options.  Max had 2 options, but only had his heart set on one.  He was gonna be Super Guy, and that was all there  was to that.  Jere had a couple of options as well, and I'll just let pictures do the talkin.

Oh wait, let me back up for uno momento and say......Maggie had a "fall festival" at school.  And, well....let's just say I was SORELY missing Miss Ranelle and her rocktastic Halloween extravaganza that she put on for her preschool.  This "festival" was tragic at best.  In the classroom, with some anemic looking cookies to decorate, a sad little pumpkin painting station, some semi face paintig and then clean up, drink some warm apple juice, eat your cookie and listen to teacher read a story.  SAD!  On the upside, Max thought it was "great" that he got to go to Maggies school and hang out for a bit. So, at least there was that.

His exact words were "That was SO great."  I guess he's better off not remembering what we had last year.

Alrighty then...Saturday night brought us to trunk or treat.  We went to our old wards, and then made our way to my parents HUGE Halloween Carnival at their church.  The kids had a ball, and we were all WORN OUT by the end of the night.  This was the night Maggie chose to be Minnie Mouse and Max was, well, Super Guy.  DUH!

I had to include this because it is SO typical Max.  That kid is a crazy nutt.

This one because.....they're cute.

Maggie is such a little poser.  You should see the others where she posed herself.

On Halloween, before we went out, we had a very special visit from Rapunzel.  The kids were pretty excited.  Look at Maxs face, he was so enamored.

Maggie chose to be the snow princess for Halloween Night.  She looked lovely.
Max was Super Guy again, and Jere was Spongebob.  Would you believe I failed to take even one pic of him?  My bad!  He looked pretty cute.

So, Jere came in and pouted and threw a big HUGE baby fit, insisting that I dress up.  I told him "I DON'T DRESS UP.  EVER."  Why? he asked.  Because, I HATE it.  It makes me feel awkward.  And it's OK if I don't.  He would NOT back down.  So, rather than listen to him cry about it all night and continue to throw fits, I put on a stinkin costume.  Won't lie, I felt like the biggest retard EVER at first.  But, by the end of the night, it wasn't so bad.  Shhh, don't tell HIM!

This was my half smile, "I wanna kill you" look.  You shoulda seen me try and sit in that petti skirted get up.  Almost literally ended up ass up in the neighbors yard at one point.  THAT was fun.

Ok, so we went and trick or treated around in our old neighborhood for a bit, saw friends, and generally had a good time.  Our friends Krys and Melissa brought their two girls and went with us.  After we finished gathering free candy we went over to our new neighbors for a bbq on their driveway.  It was soooo fun.  Such a nice evening.  The kids running around and playing and having fun, while we sat around and ate and visited.  Don't judge....but it was 10:00 before we headed across the street to our house and I threw the kids into the shower and then bed.  Pretty sure they were asleep before their heads fully hit the pillow.  All in all, a fun and successful Halloween.

And finally.....I leave you with these gemsThis beaute of a pic and costume idea was Jeres creation.

Jeres version of Snow Whites Before and After
Before marriage and kids, and AFTER!

He is wrong on just so many levels?  No?  But Maggie, she looks cute. hahahahaha

Anywhodle.....hope your Halloween was fantastical and fun in every way.

Candy and Comas,



DianD said...

Hilarious!!! I can hardly wait 'til one day the kids asked why he smoked! :) Funny. And you looked great as snow white! Glad Jere made you do it!
Here's to another year down and many more to come! Maggie's going to be so sad when she's too big for all her costumes! They are awesome! Nice you have such talented friends.

Kristina P. said...

Ha! I love that you all manage to look awesome in that costume.

Stephanie @ dial m for minky said...

I'm dying! That's hilarious!!! You, my dear, look so beautiful! You are really photogenic!

azandersens said...

I'm trying to decide who I like better as Snow White, you or Jere? I just have to laugh about Kardashian what's-her-face in your last post. Judge Judy said it best on Larry King when the media was all over Anna Nichole what's-her-bucket died. She basically said, "Can you name one thing that she's done for anyone? Why do we care?" Amen!

Mel said...

I think you looked adorable as Snow White. I never would have guessed that you hate Halloween. :)

alison said...

lol....you halloween scrooge ;) i love it! that face in your picture is hysterical...probably what i would be feeling if austin made me put on a halloween costume. that is just not my cup of tea either. but jere and maggie's little princess photo shoot? yeah, i might have shot milk out of my nose on that one! glad you survived halloween and just think, only 355 more days til the next one!