Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Besties are the Best

Karen, Angie, Me

Sit back and let me tell you a little tale, a tale of a fateful date. Nearly twenty (TWENTY) years ago (I sort of want to barf a little bit as I write that), my best friend Karen informed me that we would be hanging out with this "other" girl. I was NONE to pleased with this information and told her NO. I didn't like this girl. She was a boyfriend stealing who-er. She was lame, she was dumb, she was....I didn't know her AT ALL, but I knew she had stolen one of my friends boyfriends, therefore she was NOT worth knowing or hanging out with. Unfortunately, Karen had seminary with her and had become friends and decided that we all needed to hang out. Mind you, Karen was MY best friend, she had been since we were five years old. But, upon her insistence, we were going "out" with Angie, like it or not. So, the fateful night came, we met up at my house and decided to video our entire evening, whatever that might entail. We went to Taco Bell, we cruised the happenin town of Mesa, we went bowling, we laughed and we laughed, we came back to my house and made commercials. Of these commercials, all I can say is....shame spiral. That video is still in existence, and it serves as a hideous reminder of our highschool retardedness. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is...this night, this unwanted night, this night of unending laughter and silliness ended with a newly minted foursome (sorry, RuthAnne is not pictured) of best friends. We were fairly unseperable from that point forward.

In the following years there would be ebbs and flows. Sometimes we were better friends with one than the other. Some were closer to eachother than others. Karen and RuthAnne went off to college and Angie and I stayed in Mesa. She moved into her own apartments, worked different jobs, had exploding cars, etc. Our bond deepened immeasurably. This girl, the HO (haha) the one I was sure I hated was my best, best, BEST friend. We knew EVERYTHING about eachother. Noone could make me giggle like her. Noone could understand me, irritate me, love me like her. She even named her first daughter after me (well her middle name anyway).

As these last twenty years have passed, we've all gone through A LOT of changes. We've gone through so many things together, weddings, babies, heartache, joy. I am so grateful for TRUE friends. For girls who GET me and love me in spite of my flaws. I'm thankful that no matter how much time passes between seeing or talking to them, it's as if no time passes. I'm thankful that we can and always WILL be friends. I'm thankful that we can still giggle like the highschoolers we were. I love that we can lay in bed and have a sleepover like we were teenagers all over again. I love that when Angie recently needed some perspective and a little love and kick in the booty, she knew she could come and visit and get that from her two besties.

I just want my girls to know how much I love them. Thank you for all the memories, old and new. Thanks for always being there. Thank you for listening, laughing and loving! You are truly THE BEST!

Old friends and giggle fits,



Andrea said...

Look at those 3 hot mommas! Sounds like a lot of laughing and fun for you guys! Where is Angie now anyway?

The Driggs said...

I love the story. And I love that girls automatically judge other girls...we are such cats! What a beautiful picture of the 3 of you. I think the best friends to have are the ones who, after many years and many miles of being together, you pick up right where you left off, and like you said, at like teenagers still. So glad you have such wonderful besties! They are lucky to have you!

DianD said...

And your besties changed our lives, too! For the better. :) Lucky us that you have such good friends.
Love ya!

Karen Heslop said...

Allyson, I just read this post and had to read it a couple times. Thanks so much for the honor of being your friend. You express yourself in a way I never could. Love you so much and thanks for the memories and the love and friendship you've shown me all these 30 years!

Anonymous said...

In my closing arguement and final defense...I was not a Ho! Misguided yes. Encourable totally. May I state for the record that said boy/"innocent victim" was a user and subsequently my actions ought to be heralded as heroic and should be regarded heithermore as a kindess to humanity in the annals of history.

As for the other boy (he who must not be named)that I took away from Allyson and said "girlfriend"(which truthfully is what slanderous mudslinging is about) he already had a girlfriend at another school. And I say to that is "all's fair in love and war and highschool" or err I mean "all is well that ends well'. I got my just desserts.

So in closing may I brutally reiterate that I didn't do anything more or less then Allyson and Karen were doing or were about to embark on. (As not to smudge RuthAnn's immpeccable reputation, she was pure as the driven snow. I think!) So on that eventful night in question one does well to remember "judge that ye be not judge", or "people in glass houses should not cast stones"or she who uses an Apache Lanes public bathroom should absolutely do a double check in the mirror for that defiantly stuck toilet paper strand".

In the name of...amen Sista!
To reader Dian D. Thanks for unwittingly raising another hellion and faithful member of the gospel. I owe you loads. Your willingness to bend and break your own rules will have its own rewards.