Saturday, December 26, 2009

A sicky and a Visit

So the last few weeks have been insane to say the least. Just so much going on between programs, parties, sick kids, visits, etc. Hence why I'm so behind on keeping up on the deets of life. Anywhozle, a couple of weeks ago Max just up and got sick, like out of nowhere. And by sick I mean, his breathing sounded like he was trying to suck air through mud. It sounded horrible, and it was disturbing and scarey. I s'pose it was a form of croup. But, when you have no insurance and no money, and you have past experience with this kid and his creepy breathing, you just watch closely and wait it out. Last year, as a newborn he did this 3 different times. I was SURE it was RSV or something terrible. I took him in each time, and NOPE, "there was nothing wrong" "Just watch him and give him breathing treatments." So, when he started up this time, and there was no fever, no other symptoms, I just watched and treated. Thank goodness I had extra breathing medicine left from last year. And thank goodness that Jenny has her own nebulizer that I can use. PHEW!

He was so sweet about taking the breathing treatments. He would just sit there quietly and sweetly just breathing in and out. He even fell asleep a couple of times.
I love this boy so much! Thankfully it only lasted a few days and then he was good to go. Well, except the part where his nose started running like a faucet. That hasn't been pleasant, but I'll take it anytime over the scarey breathing.

In other activities...we made a trip out to visit Gramma Peg and have lunch with her, picnic style. I made some of my "famous" (well in my mind anyway) corn chowder, and brought the french bread and a delish lunch was had by all.

Here she is, in all her glory. She looks really good. And, thankfully, she likes her "rehab" home. Unfortunately, she's still in WAY TOO MUCH pain and can't do anything for herself. We're not sure what is gonna happen.

I don't know, I was watching the kids do something. Perhaps Maggie walking into the bingo game for the 1000th time. She has NO regard for us telling her what to do. OY! Anyway, I'm including this pic because that guy in the back is Jeres older bro. Jeff, and everyone should see the shorts he wears. I'm just saying.

He looks like a little walrus. That is bread hanging out of his mouth. He had SO MUCH fun playing in all those leaves. By the time we left, he and Maggie were soaking wet, since it was apparently all wet under all the leaves.

Just a shot of my kiddos, having a sit down in the cold, wet leaves.

A shot of Jeres family, minus his sister Jen. It is Jeff and peggy in front. Julie and Jere in back.

And finally, the requisite family shot of us. As i said, it was a nice afternoon visit to Gramma Peg. We're so glad that she's in a good facility and that she is healing. But, we sure wish that she'd get better faster and feel shipshape.
Chowder and chases,


azandersens said...

Loved the shout out to Bro. Jeff! Glad Max is a little better. :)

Grandma Crum said...

You are always so quick to point out bad pictures of your self and magnify any flaws that I just had to point out that in every sigle one of these look adorable. Even the squinty face one-for reals. Someone had to say it.

BTW have I commented be for? Do you even remember me? Apparently I'm a stalker freak.

And lazy cause I just realized I'm logged on as my mom and to lazy to change it.

Susan (Crum) Cook