Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa and Snow

On Wednesday the 23rd, after we got home from Showlow, we dropped all our crap on the floor of our kitchen and headed out to visit Santa. We totally ghettoed up and went to Bass Pro Shop. Hey, the pics were free, and I'm all about free. The line was crazy long, we waited for almost an hour. The entire time in the line Maggie kept waving at Santa and saying "Hi Santa, HI!" Then she'd excitedly tell us that she was gonna sit on Santas "wap". Of course when the magical moment arrived, she immediately dropped her chin to her chest and stared at the floor with her finger firmly stuck in her mouth. She wouldn't look at nor speak to this Santa character, woulnd't accept a piece of candy from him. Max of course screamed his gutts out, as he is wont to do when anyone but me holds him (ugh, he's one of THOSE kids). Sadly, I have no pictorial evidence of the lap sit, but just know, there is a reason the pic is free. Not so much in the quality hehehehe.

On the way out of Santa land we thought this would be a cute picture spot. All Maggie cared to do was pick her boogies. AWESOME!

Next we headed over to Tempe Market Place to actually do shopping for the first time this season. I HAD to get a salt dough ornament that has a space for each of our little family members names. It's "MY" tradition. Plus, we heard it snowed there every night at 7:00. Ummmm, I HIGHLY reccomend you give this little snow show a go next year. It was so fun!

A little self shot of the Maxer and I just before the snow started falling. He's such a GREAT smiler.

See that, it's snow falling. Cold, wet snow. Don't mind Jere....he was having some "I'm freezing balls" moment in life and insisted on two sweatshirts a hat and a scarf. You would have thought we were in Antarctica. But the point is, cute pic of Maggie and Daddy enjoying the snow.

The snow comes shooting out to the lovely strains of "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." Really, it doesn't seem like it would be so fun, but it is, I promise.

Yep, ANOTHER family shot. I had to laugh at Max's pants all the way up his leg. He had REFUSED to keep his shoes on, so whatev. I might possibly be as big as the goodyear blimp. Good hell, time to take some control back in my life!
With that said...time to boogaloo.
Sunshine and snow blow,

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The Driggs said...

That looks like so much fun! Snow in the Valley? How cool is that? Literally! Claire does not keep her shoes on either....instead she tries everyone else's on! Love the story about the Santa pic - a classic! Hope you guys had a great Christmas.