Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gifts for Santa

Most people like to leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa, and perhaps even a carrot for Rudolph, if they're feeling especially generous and "believing". But NOT us, oh no, Maggie had OTHER things she needed/wanted (or perhaps was forced) to give to Santa. (As a sidenote, could someone i.e. Glamazon) PLEASE teach me how to do those cross out lines on words...it would make my writing all the more clever.)

Maggie, back when the world was still a happy and innocent place. A time "before" Santa.

You see, someone (read Jere) thought it would be a GREAT idea for Maggie to give up her Nummies (read binky, pacifier, lala) to Santa. At first Maggie was alll for this. She smiled, she agreed, she thought it'd be a great plan. We worked it into our conversations for a good 2 days before Christmas, constantly reminding her what was coming. She seemed just fine with this idea. She would tell everyone that she was gonna leave her nummies for Santa. But THEN the time of reckoning came. It was Christmas Eve, around 8 p.m. and I informed Miss Muffitt that the time had come for bed, because Santa needed to come, and he couldn't do it while she was awake. So, she grabbed her night night and sippy and then promptly asked for her nummy. I gently reminded her that she had to leave her nummy for Santa. Because another brilliant moment in Jeres head was when he informed her that Santa NEEDED the nummies for a new baby. So, Maggies response was "oh Santa needs my nummy for a new baby?" I said yes and then she said "nooooo, I want my nummy in my mouth." I then suggested that perhaps we should write a letter to Santa. Maggie thought about it and decided this was a good idea. So, I started writing "out loud" and she sat on my lap. When I got about halfway through Maggie interjected her own words. She said "take them away." "Take them away Santa." Oh, and I have to back track and say, earlier in the day she informed me that Santa was her best friend. Guess not so much anymore. So anyway, I present you with the letter.

You may notice that there is only one nummy there....that is because after she sweetly and happily went off to bed sans her nummies, she lasted all of 10 minutes before the wailing and nashing of teeth began. It was sad, it was heartbreaking, so i caved and took her a nummy. She immediately calmed down and fell soundly asleep. The next morning, when she FINALLY woke up at 8:00 a.m. Jere quietly swiped the remaining binky and we walked out to the living room. She was so overcome with her big wheel she couldn't speak. Anyway, awhile later she asked where her nummy was....specifically, she asked "where is the letter?" I showed her the letter and told her the nummy was gone. And that seemed to be it.

Oh how I WISH that was it. I can't tell you what a crap storm of CRAP the last 4 days have been. Naps are almost, completely impossible. Bed time is a drawn out sob fest that lasts almost an hour each night. She wants Max's nummy, 'cause why should he have one if she can't. But, in her sane moments, she will say; to whoever will listen..."Santa take my nummy, 'cause he need it for a new baby." She's not so bitter, somewhat resigned to it. But then the dreaded sleep time comes and all hell breaks loose again. My sanity is on the brink. But, we're sort of between a rock and a hard place here. I mean, Santa knows, he TOOK the nummies, a babies whole future is on the line here, we can't POSSIBLY give Maggie her nummies back. So, suffer through tirades and tears we must. Apparently her addiction and "fixation" was far greater than we even knew.

Someone please just tell me this will end SOON!! Tell me it was worth it. 'Cause this Mama is about to start her own bawl fest.

Thanks a lot Santa, and fooey to that needy new baby too!

Binkys and bawling,



Nikia, May and da kids said...

You have to remain calm and not cave as a young mom. It will pass. I think you know that. Just like everything in your life that became almost nerve wrecking, school dances, dating, pregnancy and now "no binky" training, do NOT cave. It will work out. Just be the parent and know it will pass.

Also if you look at the screen you post from, there should an ABC with a line through it. I believe that is the feature you are looking to use in your posts.


Emily Lauren said...

I totally feel your pain Allyson! Beckam gave his Binkies to the "binkie fairy" Sunday, December 13th at 1pm, and life has been quite miserable ever since- even 2.5 weeks later.

I'm being semi-dramatic, but I seriously cried two nights ago because I miss his binkies. It takes him at least 3x longer to fall asleep at night, his naps are close to non existent, and he wakes up 1-3 hours earlier in the mornings.

So sad.

He IS happier in the mornings now (even though he's not sleeping as much), and I love that we have "getting rid of the pacifier" behind us. But otherwise, there aren't a whole lot of pluses to the whole situation.

Hopefully you see more of a return to normalcy in maggie's sleeping patterns. Good luck :) and keep us posted.

jen said...

Just read your last two posts. First of all, I can see why your Christmas was so fantastic. Shed a tear meeself.

As for the pacifiers, it will get easier. Just not for a little while. And it must be extra difficult with Maxie still having his.

Don't give in. It will get easier. I've taken pacys away from five of my kids and every one of them does it differently and at a different pace. Ben and Hyrum were really easy. Micah was ok. Lily and Tucker--well, let's just say the attachment and withdrawal matched their personalities.
Have you tried adding a new nighttime ritual? Like putting pennies in a jar and then going to the dollar store when it's full? Might work . . .
Good Luck, and it was fun to see your bathrobe yesterday. I've always wondered what color it was!

The Driggs said...

Love the story. Sorry about the whole binky scenario. It's good that she's not needing it so much during the waking hours, just more during sleep time. The same thing happens with kids and blankets and stuffed animals...it's a security thing. If it's really getting to be that she is not sleeping as well because it is gone, then I would get her something else she can sleep with (like a stuffed animal or something). Jen's idea of a nighttime ritual has worked with us too.

Anonymous said...

OMG...HELLS BELLS! You youngun's have to be in such control. This old grandma says give it back...she will throw it away when she is ready...and shame on you for making Santa the bad guy...he is suppose to be their best friend at this age.
Just some old age wisdom here...don't get the anxiety over the security attachments. I measure they are good. ooxx Grandma Dar

East of Eden said...

Don't cave, it will pass.

But I've heard a better way to break the paci habit is to cut off the end of the nipple so that it does not suck right and it eventually becomes something the kiddo doesn't want. At least that's what I've been told. But then again, who am I to say. I don't care of James sucks on his paci till he's forever old.

Steph said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Brielle is a horrible pacifier addict, too. I really want to get rid of it before we have our baby, but I'm wishing I'd done it a few months ago when she wasn't such a freak about it. I think it will be really, really bad here too. I've read about the cutting trick, and I think that is what we will do. With Carter, we cut the whole nipple off and told him they were broken and he had to throw them away. He was sad, but he did it, and it wasn't too horrible. But I'm such a wimp this time, that I think we'll do it slowly and cut just a little off, then wait a week and cut a little more. I'm hoping she can wean off slowly and figure out some other way to cope!

But I am very, very afraid!

Hope it gets better soon!

Andrea said...

Is there a reason why you don't want her to have it? Are you afraid of dental problems? If that is the case, then for what it is worth...My 3 oldest have all been braces kids. Bryndee was a pacifier baby, Porter used nothing, and Torie was a serious thumb sucker. Like I said all have had braces, but Porter had the worst case of all. Bryn had the braces on for 2 years Porter is scheduled for 2 1/2 years and Torie might be just about 2 years. I personally hate it when I see kids talking with their plugs (that is what we call a pacifier) in their mouths, so Taralee is only allowed to have it in her bed. As soon as she gets out of bed she knows to hand it to me and it goes up in the cupboard. If she wants it she knows she has to go to bed. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

BTW I also just wanted to tell you how inspiting your last post was. You are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors. I am glad your Christmas was so memorable. Makes us all remember how important service really is. Thanks for sharing.