Monday, December 21, 2009

Temple Lights

Reminder: This is the 2nd of two new entries today.

So, Saturday night we decided to brave it and take the kids to see the Temple Lights. I mean c'mon, you live in Mesa, you MUST go to the Temple lights for goodness sake. Max was VERY excited about it all. He would point and grunt grunt at everything. He sat happily in the stroller and took it all in. Maggie insisted on walking with her Daddy.

She definitely was more impressed by the lights this year than last. However, the ONLY thing she cared about was seeing Jesus. We're walking around outside, and the entire time, she kept saying..."where is Jesus, let's go see Jesus." This is from the only other time we came to the visitor center. About a month ago we decided to pretend to be all righteous and do an actual family home evening. So, we took the kids to the visitor center and looked at Jesus and watched a movie. Anyway, back to the story...
At each stop, we'd assure her that we WOULD get to Jesus soon. Can you tell who takes all the pictures. There were none of Max or i to be had.

Maggie was trying to "smell the flowers" here. She cracks me up. Ok, so we finally made it to see Jesus. She was so excited to see her old friend. She yelled out..."Jesus died and then he went back to life." This is her complete standard on jesus. So, we looked at him for a minute and then said it was time to go. As we turned to leave and walked out the door, she yelled out..."Bye jesus, HAPPY BIRTHDAY." We just started cracking up. I guess we should be pleased that bits and pieces of what Christmas is is actually getting through to her. She spent yesterday singing Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jesus. So funny. As a matter of record keeping...she is singing A LOT these days. She sings Santa Clause is coming to Town, ABC's (perfectly), Some gingerbread cookie song that Brookie taught her, Ginkul Bells (Jingle Bells) which goes something like this..."Ginkul Bells, Ginkul Bells, GINKUL BELLS HEY!" As for Max...He says Santa, and it's so freaking cute! He also says/signs Shoes, eat, HOT, cracker. Along with his Mom, Dad, uh-oh and ball. He has such a mischevious little twinkle in his eye and knows exactly what he's NOT s'posed to do. He loves to play "catch me", and bangs ANYTHING he can get his hands on. His other favorite past time is undecorating the tree. It really hasn't been too bad, but the ribbon hasn't faired very well, along with the balls. Good thing I have the non breakable kind, 'cause the other day at Grandma Dars, he ripped a ball off and slammed it to the ground, just like he does ours. However, Dars was glass and it shattered all over the floor. WOOPS!! That wasn't embarrassing or anything.

Anyway, another quick shot by the big tree at the Visitor Center.

And finally, our attempt at a family pic. Oh, we do try, on occassion.
Twinkles and fa la las,


alison said...

so ADORABLE! We took our kids to the temple lights as well and Brooklyn kept asking where "baby Jesus" is as well. She wanted to see baby Jesus and the Donkey! Okay...Max seems as big as Maggie! They are so cute! Thank Heavens for a fun night out with the family!

The Atomic Mom said...

I have to admit, the Temple Lights are one of my least favorite holiday activites. Unless I was in a group singing, I'd never go on my own...too many people!