Monday, December 21, 2009

THE Dress

Ok peeps....your LONG awaited pic is finally here. At long last I got to wear my and beautiful dress. What...I was saving it for Christmas Sunday. Anyway, I took a couple of pics, plus I've thrown in some family pics. I mean really, we were taking them as we were RUNNING out the door, so they're nothing great, but at least you get a small glimpse of what we were lookin like for our Christmas Sunday. In desperation, I STILL may just use one of them, if we ever get around to making a card. Oh, that reminds all of you who sent us lovely pictures, letters and cards, THANK YOU! I LERVE me some Christmas cards, and getting real mail in the mailbox. Our walls are adorned with the pics, and I can't wait to re-do the fridge to showcase all my peeps.

As a very random side note....this would be the second day in a row that my kids have been asleep until nearly 8:00. COULD it be a new trend? One can only hope.

Too bad you can't see my waist, due to my big ol' arms hanging there. Just know, that I DO have one of those. Isn't it pretty? The dress I mean, not my waist. OY! And it has sleeves, seriously, so hard to find these days.

Just a bit of a side view. Oh, and can we discuss that this is the first pair of pantyhose I have owned, much less WORN in probably 3 years. I hate those things, they're just a pain in the arse, literally.

Shot number one. I'm quite fond of this because we're all smiling. However, I'm sad because Maggie is too short down there and you can't see her beautiful dress. (Thanks Jenee P. for hand me downs)

I told you, Maggie is all into smiling now. Thank goodness.

Well, we can't win 'em all in the Maggie smiles department. But, Max looks better. Who is good at photo shop, maybe we could work something out here.

Yesterday was a fantastical Sabbath. I got up oh so early and headed over to my sister Jenny's ward to sing with her and Dana. We did a beautiful trio that my friend Carson found. I rushed home from that to get the kids dressed and ready, take pics and then head out to our ward. I was privelaged to sing in our ward as well. This time I did "Child of Peace." It went fine, although I'm totally sicky with sinus issues and crapola in the throat. However, it didn't seem to bother anyone but me. Ok, then came home during Sunday school to frost some cookies for Jeres lesson, put Max in bed ('cause YIKES!) and grab some stuff. Went back to church, sang in a Young Womens lesson, then booked it over to my moms ward to sing in HER Young Womens lesson. Phew, it was a busy one, but I really enjoyed it a lot. I have not had many opportunities to sing or use my voice in recent years. But, since moving over here, for whatever reason, I've done a lot of singing, and that makes me happy. I was given a gift and I feel blessed to use it. So, after all singing and churching was done, I delivered some goodies to friends and then hung out at home for a bit. Last night was "third Sunday" at our Wright family. There was delicious dinner, a super cute Nativity program with all the grandkids. Sadly, when we asked Maggie if she'd like to dress up and be a part of it, she swiftly answered NO. Even Jenee tried to convince her to dress up as an Angel. Maggie would have NOTHING to do with it. Any time we EVER ask her if she'd like to perform something, whether it's sing at the family talent show, or maybe be in a dance recital next year, her instant response is NO. I fear we have a total fraidy cat, non performer on our hands. Boo on that. Anyway, cute nativity replete with audience participation of song singing. After that was over, everyone went caroling. Well a few of us stayed behind, because let's be honest....I HATE caroling. It's just awkward and wierd and not enjoyable to me. Who came up with this gay tradition anyway? But, i digress. The rest of the evening was spent visiting and laughing. Max and Maggie had such a ball, playing, wandering, exploring. It was nearly 10:00 before we got them to bed. YIKES! But, at 10:00 we had a delightful surprise visit from some cute friends in the ward. They brought us a cookbook, and I'm totally excited about finding new recipes! I'm such a nerd, but I really love to look at recipes and to cook. Ok, so they stayed 'til midnight and then it was fall into bed. I've been up since about 5:30 'cause there is SO MUCH TO DO before we leave town today. Gotta go up to Snowflake to perform our Christmas show for 2 days. Then come home and desperately attempt to get some things wrapped, and or bought. Wish us luck.
Goodies and girdles,


Dana said...

Great post and pictures (nice new shoes) except for that ridiculous comment about caroling! Whaa?!?! You're broken. Caroling is the BEST! Drive safe and have fun on your CRAZY-I'mdoingashowoutoftowntwodaysbeforeChristmas--nonsense!

LanaBanana said...

Whew. That was a busy day indeed! I love the pictures you included. You look a lot more put together than we did. Tatum looked cute and all in her Christmas dress, but the little boys in the fam looked scruffy indeed since Porter dressed them. Hair awry, shirts wrinkled and stained. Ugh. :) But the truth is, I don't think a single person cared...and Dane usually comes home from nursery looking like that no matter how he looks upon arrival. hehehe. Glad you're getting to sing and enjoy the friends in the new ward area.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

Beautiful dress, beautiful family and I really miss that beautiful voice! Do you want to come to Utah and sing for me? I am sure you do.

alison said...

Can we all just say: "Gorgeous Family!" I love how you all look! I think I'm in the mood to run out and get some fancy look "hot" mamma!

Dian Shumway said...

Loved the posts. THANK YOU SO MUCH for singing in my YW lesson yesterday! It was truly the icing on the cake of lesson. I'm with Dana on the caroling bit!!! I LOVE it. Especially if the group is full, but not unwieldy and everyone sings their hearts out! And I love it when people come carol to me! But, use your talents however you can and bless everyone when you do. I'm SOOOOO SAD that I missed the trio! So close, too. Be safe and sing pretty in the cold north country.

Steph said...

Love the new dress! Your kids are so cute. That's so cute about Maggie singing Happy Birthday to Jesus--you must be doing something right. :)

The Atomic Mom said...

Where did you get that dress? I love it!

Jenn C. said...

You look fantastic in the dress. Your family pics are so cute too. I would have loved to hear your trio! You are way too busy! I hope all goes well. Merry Christmas!!!!

Lizard said...

adorable!! you look great!! LOVE the dress!